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£75 M&S e-Voucher for new Sky broadband customers
Saturday 24 October 2015 09:48:03 by Andrew Ferguson

For those hunting around for an unlimited ADSL2+ service the unbundled product from Sky is a bit more attractive for a while as there is now a £75 M&S e-Voucher up for grabs for new customers ordering online and not taking a TV package.

The broadband itself is also free for the full 12 months of minimum term, meaning there is only voice line rental to pay at £17.40 per month, after the 12 month contract if you stay with Sky the broadband will cost £10 per month.

For those wanting the full bundle, TV, phone and broadband deals are also available and the voucher changes into a £100 reward (choose from M&S e-Voucher, Amazon gift card or a Prepaid MasterCard). The broadband is free for the first 12 months again and the monthly price will vary depending on which TV package you choose.


Posted by roph 12 months ago
The broadband won't cost £10 a month, it will cost £24.40 a month. Why do you buy into the hidden line rental price scam?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 12 months ago
The voice line rental cost is clearly mentioned, and don't see how you get a price of £24.40 per month even including that.

its £17.40 per month for BB+line rental in month 1 to 12 and if you stay after minimum term its £27.40 per month.
Posted by ZenUser27 12 months ago
Does this include people who are with Sky for TV but nothing else?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 12 months ago
For those who already have Sky TV there is no voucher at this time.
Posted by ZenUser27 12 months ago
Good reason to take the free EE tv being offered then - thanks for the clarification
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