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BT brings back Sainsbury's Gift Cards at £125 and £75 value
Friday 23 October 2015 10:52:22 by Andrew Ferguson

We knew that there was pricing changes on the way for the BT Broadband offers and these have now been revealed with the online offer prices for the unlimited ADSL2+ service increasing from £5/month to £7.50 and the unlimited BT Infinity rising to £12.50 per month in their 12 month offer periods.

The Sainsbury's Gift Cards for new BT customers are back until the 29th October with a value of £75 on the ADSL2+ based services and the FTTC/FTTP Infinity products commanding a higher £125 value.

A couple of other tweaks also have happened, the BT Infinity 1 activation has increased from £35 to £39, but still free if you order BT Infinity 2. Also the £2.50 increase in the offer prices has trickled down to the TV and mobile bundle prices.


Posted by alegeek about 1 year ago
We ordered this morning, although the website shows £39 activation they don't seem to have updated their ordering system as we only paid £35 :)
Posted by ZenUser27 about 1 year ago
Such short lived happiness I am sure. try cashing it in or better still getting the amount you were offered. Many people have reported getting cards much less than agreed. some couldn't get them to work at all - all over the BT forums
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
The vouchers are not redeemable for cash and can only be used in-store.

Any links to these many people who are having problems getting a card.

If anyone has ordered via one of our links then always happy to chase and pester for people.
Posted by andy01424 about 1 year ago
when we stupidly went to BT, never received the voucher even though you have to apply for it,should have listen to other half she worked for them lol
Posted by ZenUser27 about 1 year ago
Andrew - one link 72 pages some good but a lot of people in there who got less than they were offered - some never got anything at all.
Posted by ZenUser27 about 1 year ago
Guy on page 72 has been waiting over 75 days for his - and has been told it'll be another 30 days (he's due to update in 10 days to see if he got it or not)

And a guy on page 53 went for the £125 and got £50. someone even went for £75 and got £30!

Posted by ZenUser27 about 1 year ago
People were having problems getting their vouchers 3 years ago - as you will see from the top of page 3..

anyway that's enough from me.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
So at 720 posts over three years, so given the volume of new BT customers reported each quarter looks a low volume.

As I've said if anyone has ordered using our links and has problems with the vouchers am happy to pester and try to get things sorted.
Posted by tommy45 about 1 year ago
More vouchers= more line rental increases for the rest of bt's customers who usually don't have their censored/filtered broadband,or their loss leading sport tv great,not
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