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Vodafone Broadband now open to non Vodafone customers
Wednesday 14 October 2015 11:44:28 by Andrew Ferguson

The soft launch of fixed line broadband over at Vodafone is not so soft now, as the service is available to order for anyone rather than being restricted to limited parts of the UK and you also had to be a Vodafone mobile customer previously.

To sweeten the launch the previous price offers have been dropped and replaced with 12 months free access to Netflix (worth £7.49 per month), existing Netflix customers will have the offer credited against their existing plan. Vodafone mobile customers also benefit from a £5 per month discount on the 18 month contracts.

The oddity of needing to telephone or visit a Vodafone store continues as the online ordering system still appears to be a work in progress. With no online ordering system we cannot give it a test order or two and check what the exact availability in terms of exchanges that are outside the C&W LLU network footprint is.


Posted by richardbjackson about 1 year ago
I went Vodafone Connect as an existing mobile user in mid September.
Compared with other providers Vodafone were slick and very efficient.

My location is rural and suffers heavily from lack of investment by BT/BTOR, but my BB speed has improved from under 2Mbps to around 18~19Mbps now that things have settled down.

Whilst not superfast it is at least working.
Posted by jrawle about 1 year ago
Yet another provider with no mention of upload speeds on their site. Why is this? Why would I want to buy something without knowing details of it? I can't understand why FTTC providers don't promote their upload speed, as this is the thing they beat Virgin Media at hands down.
Posted by richardbjackson about 1 year ago
Further to my last, the upload speed has improved from around 357 Kbps to 6 Mbps
Posted by zyborg47 about 1 year ago
Still under contract with Plusnet, but I did have a look at Vodafone for when my contract ends, the problem is if they do not get online ordering up and running then I will not bother. I am not going to go to their shop as it means goinginto the new shopping centre
Posted by binary about 1 year ago
@jrawle - for many people, I doubt upload speed is that important.

I see a Vodafone ad in the newspaper today promoting the fact that the router can be controlled by a smartphone app - "so bedtime means bedtime", i.e. kill the net to gets the kids to bed.

Re the Netflix offer - worth noting it's for 12 months access, whilst the broadband contracts (both ADSL and FTTC) are for 18 months.
Posted by rosswatt1979 about 1 year ago
@zyborg47 - Why not just phone and speak to someone from your own home?
Posted by zyborg47 about 1 year ago
@rosswatt1979,l I missed the phone bit :) , I am still in contract anyway at the moment. @binary, why on earth would anyone want to control their router from a smart phone, Can we not just have normal routers like we had a few years back? No wonder they have some many problems with them these days.
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