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Hyperoptic now live with Gigabit in Glasgow
Thursday 17 September 2015 13:44:27 by Andrew Ferguson

The expansion of Hyperoptic continues and Glasgow Harbour is own of the latest areas to go live and we have the proof via some of the first live residents running speed tests.

Looking at the speed tests for the apartments most seem to getting around 5 Mbps from ADSL2+ and while FTTC is available and some are actually using it others may have to wait until 2016 or 2017 for their cabinet to go live. Of course the big difference with Hyperoptic is the 100 Mbps and 1000 Mbps symmetric services and that living on the upper floors will make do difference to the speeds you might receive.


Posted by brusuth about 1 year ago
Surprised at the 43ms latency.. Even if it were done over wifi that's pretty high for a FTTH service..
Posted by Dixinormous about 1 year ago
The FTTH part saves maybe 4ms over fast path VDSL. Being in Scotland adds a bit. Be interesting to see where the latency kicks in.
Posted by baby_frogmella about 1 year ago
From experience TBB speedtests add extra 10-15ms ping times to the actual ping times so chances are the true ping times of those connections are 30-35ms. On my FTTC connection in the Scottish Highlands, true ping times are ~ 22ms (according to & TBB ping monitor) yet TBB speedtests never show this below 35ms.
Posted by brusuth about 1 year ago
I'd still expect the FTTH from Glasgow to have a lower latency than your Highland FTTC...
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