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How will UK Broadband stand up to the iOS 9 onslaught
Wednesday 16 September 2015 13:30:16 by Andrew Ferguson

So far none of the 'will break the Internet' events that fill the headlines have actually broken it yet, but as with the recent Windows 10 roll-out, Apple releasing iOS 9 into the wild is likely to have an impact on peoples latency and speed performance. The software update that may be on the way is expected to be around 1GB in size and is expected to be released at 6pm (10am PST) on Wednesday 16th September.

Generally the larger providers who have a CDN cache or two inside their network will usually fare well, with the bottleneck often being the speed of the cache delivering content to users, but as with other large download events we do expect to see some providers hitting capacity limits at various pinch points on their networks. So be warned, tonight may not be the best evening for online gaming or other latency sensitive activities.

For those whose home broadband is so slow that 1GB may feel as it will take forever to arrive, consider a visit to a quiet public Wi-Fi hot-spot for faster speeds, or for those living or passing through London and with access to Virgin Media Wi-Fi on the London Underground you might enjoy the 50 Mbps and faster speeds that many stations now offer.


Posted by TheEulerID about 1 year ago
It could well be that those hyper-fast Internet connections won't help very much. It's like Microsoft's W10 upgrade (at least in my case), they are throttled at source (you can tell as the download rate flat-lines at an even rate much lower than your line speed).

Posted by keith969 about 1 year ago
I somewhat doubt if it will have a major impact. Installing ios is completely different to Windows - you are given a choice, and I tend not to bother for a while until certain that it's worth it. As for Win10.. no thanks.
Posted by djfunkdup about 1 year ago
As for Win10.. no thanks. PMSL
Posted by TheEulerID about 1 year ago
W10 has been fine for me. I prefer it to W8 for desktop use.
Posted by rhetherington about 1 year ago
Downloading iOS 9 may not break the Internet but running it may break some things.

iOS9 (and Mac OS X 10.11) enables ECN ( ) by default. Users may experience some problems but hopefully it'll encourage providers to fix their crap.
Posted by BuckleZ about 1 year ago
IOS9 refuses to download over air - so itunes has t be used for now. said 10mins - its 40min into it and still 3min left. sigh!
Posted by dogbark about 1 year ago
Didn't affect the downloads for my iPhone and iPad. Downloaded and currently applying the update.
Posted by mitchja about 1 year ago
Took me about 2mins to download on my iPhone 6 at 18:02 using my Sky fibre connection here
Posted by BuckleZ about 1 year ago
over an hour on my iPhone 6 connected to iTunes... over the air kept giving an error
Posted by tthom about 1 year ago
its broke my internet haha -
Posted by roph about 1 year ago
This is a "large" download event? iphones are approaching single digit market share. Android is up in the higher eighties.

Windows "patch tuesday" is exponentially more data across the country. Even a popular game releasing on steam and other download services, I'd wager.
Posted by dogbark about 1 year ago
Wow, not only is there a one-finger emoji, there's also a two-finger emoji. That's gonna get a lot of use.
Posted by bigwest about 1 year ago
well my broadband is definitely slower tonight...
Posted by Pendlemac about 1 year ago
roph, not sure how old your figures are but the latest sales numbers from one of the independant survey groups ( Kantar ) has Android at about 54% in July ( down about 3% from July 2014 ) and iOS at about 33% ( up around 3% ).
Posted by JacktheMac about 1 year ago
BuckleZ wrote " its 40min into it and still 3min left. sigh!”

Had to laugh. It took 3-4 hours on our useless broadband in the Cotswolds – and we have four phones. That’s 12 hours of downloading.

Roll on Gigaclear and 1000 up and down !
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