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CityFibre announces size of contract that could create Gigabit Edinburgh
Tuesday 08 September 2015 10:38:44 by Andrew Ferguson

In a major upgrade for Edinburgh Council they have now signed a £5.6m contract with CityFibre to interconnect some 294 council locations including 137 schools across the city.

"CityFibre has extended its existing Gigabit City project in Edinburgh to an additional 294 council-owned sites in an agreement worth at least £5.6 million. The seven-year deal, which features options to extend to a maximum of 19 years with a lifetime contract value of £16m, will be carried out in conjunction with national telecommunications provider Commsworld. It will replace the expensive, capacity-constrained copper circuits provided as part of a long-term contract by BT."

Press Release on Gigabit Edinburgh

The announcement of CityFibre heading to Edinburgh was made some months ago but with council contract now signed we expect building to get underway and CityFibre was not just just with BT but also Virgin Media who with extensive cable coverage in the city will also have their own fibre network.

If a similar pattern is followed to the York showcase project, once the council premises are linked then the extra work to offer services to businesses will start and if the FTTH trials in York pay dividends we might see in a few years FTTH appearing in Edinburgh.


Posted by cyberdoyle about 1 year ago
Why can't cities who have all the existing wayleaves, ducts and chambers not do it for a fraction of that price and in a shorter timescale?
What is so hard about it? And why have the copper networks let everything fall into such disrepair? Good luck to cityfibre, let Scotland knock the socks of all the other cities on 'superfast' who now find they need connection vouchers to get something better.
Posted by whatever2 about 1 year ago
Wonder why Bournemouth proved such a stumbling block then, because the same thing was tried here, councils, then businesses then domestic. AFAIK it never got past councils, and i'm not sure even that was completed.
I think the council still want to have a word about a lot of ruined pavements though.
Posted by whatever2 about 1 year ago
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
And we converted their map into a postcode lookup at once they announced the next phase.

Now waiting for the first customers, lots of roadworks scheduled.
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