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Half of Herefordshire now able to get superfast broadband
Tuesday 01 September 2015 13:06:42 by Andrew Ferguson

While it is very easy to criticise the levels of coverage in the less well served areas the County of Herefordshire is at least making progress and BT has announced that with cabinet 2 on the Fownhope exchange going live that fibre based broadband availability has reached over half the county.

Superfast broadband coverage in Herefordshire
(click image for larger size)

Our own figures suggest that while the BT news release was correct at the end of July, the rate of growth in coverage is such that the area at the end of August 2015 had 52.7% of premises with the option of 30 Mbps or faster broadband and 61.9% able to access a FTTC based service (a further 0.55% had the option of native FTTP at speeds of 40 Mbps to 300 Mbps).

The goal by the end of 2016 still seems to be a figure of 90% fibre based coverage, which should mean around 82% availability at superfast speeds. The growth of just over ten percentage points in the first eight months of 2015, mean that 16 months to go the goal looks achievable so long as extra resources can be allocated to increase the roll-out speed.

thinkbroadband calculation of Superfast, USC and Fibre Broadband Coverage the two constituences that comprise Herefordshire
- figures as of 31st August 2015
Area % fibre based % superfast
24 Mbps or faster
% superfast
30 Mbps or faster
% cable % Openreach FTTP % Under 2 Mbps USC % Under 15 Mbps
County of Herefordshire 62.5% 54.3% 52.7% 0% 0.55% 1.6% 36.4%
Hereford and South Herefordshire 80% 69.9% 67.8% 0% 0.87% 2% 25.1%
North Herefordshire 42.4% 36.6% 35.5% 0% 0.17% 1.1% 49.2%

The constituency split shows a big north/south divide and hopefully many more cabinets like the one in Fownhope will go live improving the chance of getting a superfast service in the north of the county.


Posted by ValueforMoney about 1 year ago
Thnaks. I should imagine the extra resouces are needed in most counties.
I would imagine most Counties would trade certainty of service in an area for the timescale.
Posted by richardbjackson about 1 year ago
Statements by BT and BT Openreach require deep scepticism.
On the Symonds Yat exchange cabinet 3 is now connected FTTC a number of premises in the area have no telephone connection at all!
BT may have connected to the cabinet but that does not mean that subscribers have fast connections.
Leys Hill
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
@richardbjackson Given a basic PSTN service should run over a 10km long line, do you really mean no telephone connection?

Looking at that exchange foot print there looks to be no postcodes that far away, got an example code.
Posted by richardbjackson about 1 year ago
I myself remain connected-hence the comment! Currently 5 local users are without connection [2~5weeks]. Connection gets moved around-as one is connected another is disconnected-- reason -- bad telephone wires from 01600 exchange and from cabinet 3- i.e. lack of fast connections
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
So engineers are in the area trying to fix faults (and maybe causing others in some cases) and this is not a case of very long lines where FTTC is never going to work?
Posted by richardbjackson about 1 year ago
Yes engineers are in the area, in fact they appear resident!
The lines were installed above and below ground around 1970~74 - aluminium.
According to BT OR engineers there are 50 pairs of which 60% are defective to the point of not connected and there are 30 subscribers - you do the maths. And we are to expect superfast BB on these lines?? We are not alone in Herefordshire.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
Only 30 customers on the cabinet as a whole? Or on this specific defective bundle, where exactly is it so can track any speed tests
Posted by Blackmamba about 1 year ago
Hi Dick.
The best move is to get to your local Counciler for him to action up the chain to the county for action on your problem do not take no as an answer. You should have a answer quickly if not escalate up the chain further untill you get to CEO. Of Openreach.
Posted by zyborg47 about 1 year ago
superfast? I would not go that far, fast now and again when it feels like it.
Posted by richardbjackson about 1 year ago
The 50 pair bundle I refer to runs up Leys Hill and is jointed close to the public call box by Bishopswood village hall. The public call box was disconnected until last month probably since October 2014.
I estimate 300 max subscribers on cabinet 3.
Find me a councillor who can spell BB!
South Herefordshire MP is on the case.
Posted by richardbjackson about 1 year ago
I am changing to Vodafone Connect on 10th September; I have still got 1600 metres of copper/aluminum from cabinet 3 and at least 6 joints in the bundles:- so we will see what the new fibre does for me.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
If you have 1600 metres of cable then you aren't looking at superfast speeds anyway and the postcode on cab 3 that is at that sort of distance, is actually midway to cabinet 4, which serves the majority of the premises in the postcode.

Remember just because a cabinet offers FTTC there is no guarantee of everyone getting superfast, if this bundle is just affecting 30 subscribers out of 300, then it may not be cost effective to fix at this time.
Posted by sexyfunkysam about 1 year ago
I am living in allensmore and we been told that we wont get it has we stil to far
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
Cabinet 73 which serves allensmore is around 3km away, so yes VDSL2 even if available on that cabinet would not help.

Stops at 1500m as things become very variable beyond that distance but 3km is pretty much a zero speed.
Posted by Blackmamba about 1 year ago
Hi broadband Watchers
Check distance from your Cab in the above area plus the new speeds on post Codes and this should give a good Referance on your service (speed) please remember ISP, s give a differant speed to which package you pay.good luck.
Posted by sexyfunkysam about 1 year ago
has I am on cab Hereford there is a another cab what's link to it called 73/1whuch is bye the village hall will they upgraded that so we get a good speed I am on allpay but allpay wont be long befor they turn it of
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
73/1 will be a sub cab, and usually the main cabinet is upgraded.

Cabinets like 73/1 are usually less of a cabinet, more of an overgrown joint in the cabling.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
@blackmamba While sort of right, the problem is that providers interpret the average and speed ranges given by Openreach differently, and thus people may think ISP A is going to be faster than ISP C, but as both are using the same Openreach 40/10 product there will actually be almost no difference in connection speed.

The differences largely show up at peak times, depending on how heavily each provider loads its core network.
Posted by sexyfunkysam about 1 year ago
will they upgrade the sub cab for 73/1
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