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TalkTalk increases voice line rental and Simply Broadband prices
Thursday 27 August 2015 12:34:10 by Andrew Ferguson

We have just learnt that voice line rental costs at TalkTalk are increasing and will be updating our package listings accordingly.

The new line rental price is a full £1 per month more than previously, so will be £17.70 for new customers and if the price rise affects any existing customers they should receive a letter informing them of the price change and the option to exit any contract penalty free as per Ofcom rules. Line rental saver where you pay for 12 months in advance is also changing, it will be an annual cost of £191.16 now, equivalent to £15.93 per month.

Update 12:50 While updating the line rental changes that TalkTalk informed us about we noticed that the standard price of Simply Broadband is increasing from £5 per month to £7.50 per month, this will have a knock on effect for their FTTC products too.

The rise coming so soon after the BT Retail price rise to £17.99 per month will set people questioning even more whether broadband costs are being subsidised by the voice line rental element, particularly as the core MPF or WLR costs have not altered by anything like this amount. The theory that people are exploiting their call bundles does not hold water with TalkTalk, since their Simply Broadband (ADSL2+) product does not come with any inclusive calls.

The York UFO product was price matched to the Simply Broadband service even though it is a LOT faster, interestingly the UFO service appears to have remained at the same monthly price of £21.70 which makes it substantially cheaper than the standard priced Simply Broadband with line rental at £25.20.

With so many providers appearing to play the game of price matching BT Retail or slightly under cutting them, those who do have multiple provider options may find themselves changing provider every few months to keep up with the cheapest deal. We wonder how long now before Sky increase from £16.40 to £17.40 per month.


Posted by zhango about 1 year ago
I've been with PO for a few months just for line rental and it's still £15 (or £12 for LR saver) which it's been since Jan 2015 - no sign of an increase at moment.
Posted by csimon about 1 year ago
I'm with Fuel Broadband (formerly Primus Saver) and have £13 approx line rental with inclusive evenings & weekends, but that may be because I'm an existing customer from Primus? I see from their web site that even their line rental is now £16.40 (with inclusive eve&wkends) so they are no longer heavy discounters and I imagine it will go up again at some point. I wonder how much weight they have with OR though - faults take weeks to solve and OR don't seem to communicate info to them.
Posted by csimon about 1 year ago
I can't believe that Ofcom is in no particualr rush to investigate the whole thing. Bundling, long term contracts, price-matching by all companies to the point of any difference being negligible, are all anti-competitive. Unjustifiable and disproportionate price rises to the base product that everyone must have is unfair profiteering.
Posted by zhango about 1 year ago
Ten years ago I was paying £24.99/m for BB - I'm now paying less than a tenner so the price must have come down at some point?
Posted by joe_pineapples about 1 year ago
@zhango and how much were you paying for line rental ten years ago.
Posted by zhango about 1 year ago
I can't remember but line rental was with BT and BB was with Virgin.

My total cost for line-rental+BB is now less than it was ten years ago.

I now pay less than £25/m and I was paying that just for BB ten years ago.
Posted by tthom about 1 year ago
I used to pay £22 + £10LR to BE and that was for 8meg
Posted by rtho782 about 1 year ago
Talktalk's online chat service just confirmed to me that this will affect existing customers so I'm requesting early termination (only 2 months in to contract) on principle.
Posted by rtho782 about 1 year ago
Thought I'd update to give others an idea what their loyalty team will offer. I'm 2 months into an 18m FTTC package, requested to cancel due to the price rise.

They initially offered to credit £22.50 as a one off credit, being the extra amount until I'm in the last 6 months of contract and can "renew" with them. I was not happy with that, as I can't terminate with 6 months to go, so they then offered Simplybroadband free for 12 months from my next bill.
Posted by bicbasher about 1 year ago
An increase of £3pm for Simply Broadband customers including line rental. With the earlier increase for Simply Broadband from £3.50 to £5, that's £4.50 this year so far.

With Speedy Payment Discount at 10% of £25.28, £22.68pm is still not bad.
Posted by Adrianuk about 1 year ago
Unfortunately, bicbasher, speedy discount is no more from the 1st December!
Posted by mariowynjones about 1 year ago
Tried to find out from TT whether they were ending speedy discount on Dec 1st but was told they weren't.
Posted by mariowynjones about 1 year ago
Then I did a Google search and found that they ARE discontinuing it from Dec 1st. Apologies.
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