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£140 price cut not bad for a dull Monday.
Monday 08 July 2002 13:22:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Solwise has announced today a price cut from £340 inc VAT to £199 inc VAT on the Asus 6030VI modem. This device is a combined ADSL modem/NAT router/Wireless access point, the price cuts are due to Asus stopping manufacture of the device with a new model appearing towards the end of the year. Currently out of stock but new stock at the low price is expected later in July.

A review can be found here. The new price makes the device very attractive for people who are looking to run a mixture of wired LAN and a 802.11b wireless network since it brings the price down to the same or just below that of the cheapest ADSL modem and wireless access point.


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