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BT Infinity back down to £12.50 per month once more
Friday 14 August 2015 12:00:40 by Andrew Ferguson

Lots of changes in the broadband offer area today, so we start with BT Retail, where the previous run of Sainsbury's Gift Cards have been paused, so a gentle reminder for those that have ordered and are now live to claim their voucher.

While the gift cards are gone, there has been some tweaking to the price offers that are all based on a simple 12 month contract.

Voice line rental via BT applies to all the products at £16.99 per month and this rises to £17.99 per month on 20th September.

BT Infinity 1 is the up to 38 Mbps download, up to 9.5 Mbps fibre based service using FTTC or FTTP depending on what is available in your area. Faster up to 76 Mbps speeds (up to 19 Mbps upload) are available via BT Infinity 2 (£30 per month), if FTTP is available in an area faster Infinity 3 and Infinity 4 products will also be available.


Posted by generallee94 about 1 year ago
I thought BT's UHD required minimum 44mbps downstream, Infinity 1 is limited to 38mbps???
Posted by fusen about 1 year ago
Neither Sky or BT seem to be pushing the second tier fibre packages.

Sky barely even mention it on their broadband pages (compared to the up to 38MB package).

Considering they both price them far too high, is there still no decent profit on them for the companies or is there a different reason?
Posted by zhango about 1 year ago
The BT previous offer was £10 + Sainsbury voucher so this isn't a good deal.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
Actually was £15 for the unlimited. The £10 was 20GB usage limit version.
Posted by zhango about 1 year ago
Ok sorry - Specsavers for me.
Posted by Kr1s69 about 1 year ago
The offers via cashback sites did have £10 for unlimited infinity 1. Now 12.50 it seems. I'm paying £25 for unlimited infinity 1 with UHD.

Also,the UHD TV product with infinity 1 is provided via an 80/20 service that is capped to 40/10. So the Multicast TV service can go beyond the artificial cap.
Posted by AndyLaw about 1 year ago
No. Zhango is correct. I just switched to unlimited BT Infinity on a £60 Sainsbury's voucher and £10 per month. They changed it to £125 and £10 a month for a few days about a week after I signed up.

Switchover problems and dreadful customer service so far have made it a poor deal though, but that's a different issue.
Posted by Pendlemac about 1 year ago
Of course these 'incentives' ( I can think of a MUCH more appropriate word! ) are being paid for by those like me who are paying £30 / month for unlimited ADSL2+.

Why should I have have to mess around trying to get a retention deal when there should be an automatic loyalty discount?
Posted by 961a about 1 year ago
While I can agree with what you say I found little difficulty in getting a retention offer of unlimited ADSL for a 12 month contract at under £13 inc anytime free calls
Posted by idmanager about 1 year ago
just phoned BT and best they can do to renew contract for infinity option 2 and free weekend calls is £22.85 + line rental 17.99 from september
Posted by leexgx about 1 year ago

if your on infinity 1 your modem line profile is hard capped to 40/10 at lock on when it connects so UHD would not be able to use any more then 40mb even if it tried (infinity 2 sets line lock to 80/20), you should only need 15-30mb/s for 4K streaming
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
@leegx they may be doing things differently on uhd product. Your throughput will be capped but line will go over 40 Meg if possible

Live UHD is single pass encode so a little higher than netflix uhd
Posted by Kr1s69 about 1 year ago
@leegx as Andrew says they're doing something different for UHD.

Youview boxes can record 2 channels together and so if one is UHD and other is HD your looking at 30Mbps + 8.5Mbps just for streaming. Add a bit so other internet apps still work + overheads and the minimum needed is 44Mbps.

I'm connected at about 70Mbps and my IP profile matches this. I can watch UHD and still download close to 40Mbps. However I can never download higher than the 40Mbit infinity 1 cap.
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