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Windows 10 and a new working week breaks Internet
Monday 03 August 2015 13:08:40 by Andrew Ferguson

Windows 10 may not have broken the Internet when first launched but it seems the staggered roll-out meant that when lots of small firms turned on their computers today the background download of Windows 10 start and this led to packet loss and very variable speeds across a number of medium to small business focussed providers this morning.

The symptoms started to appear almost dead on 9am today and may have peaked at around 10m, with at least one provider confirming they were seeing a lot of Microsoft/Akamai based traffic and at a sufficient volume to cause congestion. Browsing through the large number of Broadband Quality graphs that people have running we could see the exact same pattern elsewhere.

Side effect of Windows 10 downloads on several broadband providers
Click image for full size version.

The nature of networks in small firms is such that many computers will be set for automatic updates and thus the 9am boot-up while having the first cup of coffee will see the half dozen computers all in an office doing exactly the same thing. For those small firms creating digital content or coding things may have been different, simply because people will have decided to wait on the Windows 10 upgrade and once you get to firms that are large enough to have an IT department large updates like this will only take place when the IT department ordains it.

The advice therefore is, do not panic your broadband line is probably not broken but simply once the big rush to get a free copy of Windows 10 subsides things will improve. It does not seemed to have hit the big consumer providers in the same manner, probably because it is the peak holiday season.

Update 6:30pm As the day progressed things seemed to improve and a glance through the providers affected earlier suggests that things have settled down.


Posted by Ferryman about 1 year ago
This distributed attack on the internet by Microsoft reduced my FTTC download speed to 1.2mbps this morning. It is still only 7.8 mbps.
Posted by rogerfp about 1 year ago
Why would any business small or large allow their staff to each download Windows 10? If they have got any knowledge they would be downloading an ISO and distributing it across their network. One download > multiple upgrades.
Posted by mattewan about 1 year ago
Any computers on the a microsoft domain won't get the download automatically. If a computer isn't on a domain with no group policy, then it is likely that it will just update automatically, unless the IT stuff have disabled automatic updates.
Posted by Fellwalker about 1 year ago
@rogerfp most small businesses do not understand the technology that they use. A couple of years ago, I was asked (as a friend) to see if I could work out why a charity business's computers were slow. I found 3 with only 512MB of RAM. None had the latest updates, and some hadn't had updates for well over a year. Only one had a sensible page file, others had none.
Posted by jchamier about 1 year ago
@rogerfp @Fellwalker - this is why Windows 10 will by default allow updates to be downloaded from other machines on the local network - to save internet bandwidth.

Also Windows 10 Home, and I think Pro, won't let you opt out of updates. Enterprise will give choice. Lots of changes.
Posted by rogerfp about 1 year ago
@Fellwalker @ jchaimer. Totally agree, but I would say that 99% of the human race do not understand the technology they use. In fact 99% of humans are dangerous using technology.
Posted by nidave about 1 year ago
@ Ferryman How is this Microsoft's fault if you chose to allow the downloads on your PC.
They have enough peering capacity reserved that it wont be disrupting anything outside of your network
Posted by Ferryman about 1 year ago
Microsoft cr*p strikes again. Appalling speed drop on fibre again this morning.
Posted by Ferryman about 1 year ago
Why can't Microsoft junkies get their Windows 10 fix in the middle of the night?
Posted by ZenUser27 about 1 year ago
My fibre speed hasen't dropped - maybe you should get a decent provider?

Windows 10 broke my machine when it failed to update and now I am being told my windows is not genuine. Oddly enough when I paid £109 for the licence key it was.

So now I am told I can't use my legit licence key. So I will just stick with Mac and maybe play around with Linux on the now bare OS PC
Posted by ZenUser27 about 1 year ago
SO because windows 10 is free they can't stop people getting it elsewhere? There are already cracked versions of win 10 + office 2016 on torrents.
Posted by rogerbeen about 1 year ago
I accepted the upgrade, found it hid or lost my Security program and my saved patience game scores and who knows what else, so I promptly deleted it and reverted to Windows 7. BUT, each time I start a new session, it "reminds" me that I can now download the upgrade. I can't find any way to kill this intrusion. Any ideas? Anyone?
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