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BT starting to send out its annual price rise letters
Friday 24 July 2015 16:51:22 by Andrew Ferguson

Full details of the BT price rises that come into effect on 20th September should appear over the weekend, the headline grabbing one will be that we are expecting voice line rental to rise by £1 to £17.99.

Once we have seen the full set of price changes at the weekend we will update news and packages accordingly.

While annoying for BT customers, there is also the danger that other providers who try to simply maintain a cheaper than BT stance all the time will have more headroom to vary their line rental pricing.

Update Saturday 25th July The details of the price rise are on the BT site now, and confirm on 20th September line rental will rise to £17.99 per month and line rental saver rises to an annual cost of £194.28. The call set-up fee for out of bundle calls rises to 17.07p and weekday calls will cost 10.24p per minute.

One improvement seems to be that the usage allowance on the entry level Infinity 1 product has doubled from 20GB to 40GB, and gained the tag line 'now 60% more usage than Sky'.

Entertainment Ultra HD package has now joined the listings and interestingly after the launch where it was said a 44 Mbps line estimate was needed it is actually been sold bundled with Infinity 1, suggesting maybe the 44 Mbps figure was a mistake and maybe 34 Mbps is the cut off point in terms qualifying speed for now to ensure optimal streaming of live Ultra HD content. There is a £44 charge for an engineer visit to setup the YouView and Infinity.

After the complaints earlier this week over introductory offers it is worth highlighting that the BT offers generally last for the full 12 months of the minimum term (18 month contracts on FTTP) and then prices rise to whatever is the standard price at that time, though we have seen plenty of people negotiate a lower than standard price cost if willing to agree to another 12 month contract.


Posted by tommy45 about 1 year ago
High time the people told BT where to get off, and switch en mass to CP's who aren't hiking their prices to subsidise their loss leading products,and vouchers and free or half price this for X amount of months in a bit to lure new customers into their price hike trap
Posted by 961a about 1 year ago
No point in switching. They are all the same and hike the price as soon as BT starts the ball rolling.
It's Ofcom that needs a kick up the backside. A totally useless load of paper shufflers that couldn't control a roll of toilet paper.
"Connection charge" needs banning
Charge increases need limiting to RPI max
Customers should be able to end contract at any price review
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
"Customers should be able to end contract at any price review" - that is already the case.

Posted by Dixinormous about 1 year ago
The sports rights won't pay for themselves.
Posted by magicuk27 about 1 year ago
I hope people move in masses from BT, line rental charges are getting stupid now, what is the wholesale cost?
Posted by arfster about 1 year ago
That's a rise of 30% above inflation over 7 years. What exactly is the regulator for?
Posted by tommy45 about 1 year ago
@Dixinormous: Yes But those who want or buy BT sport should be the ones paying for that, not those who don't have or want BT bloody sport
Posted by tommy45 about 1 year ago
@magicuk27 the Wholesale price that ISP's and CP's pay to BT Wholesale is sub £10 {£5 ?} per month and was reduced last year,and BT consumer pay the same as other providers do
Posted by 961a about 1 year ago
"Customers should be able to end contract at any price review"-that is already the case

Not for annual line rental it isn't
Posted by 21again about 1 year ago
Looks like BT and Sky are going to make all their customers pay for their over the top bids for the rights to show sport on the TV, especially footy!
Won't be migrating to British Telecon when my LR and BB contract finishes that's for sure, other SPs will no doubt add a few more pence to their LR retail prices.
As mentioned other SPs
Posted by 21again about 1 year ago
Edit to earlier post:-
As mentioned other Sps could perhaps hold off from increasing LR prices for a while in the hope of picking up extra revenue from disgruntled end users.
Posted by generallee94 about 1 year ago
So line rental at BT is truly more than their broadband now then!
Posted by dparr59 about 1 year ago
About time all broadband was completely free as long as you pay line rental.
Posted by tommy45 about 1 year ago
@dparr59: I would hate to think just how poor the quality would be, and why should those who have no interest in the internet be held to ransom? No line rental should be lower in price,BT should either charge a price that makes a profit big enough,on it's TV and BB services So it doesnt need jack up the price of line rental & calls year in year out, and if i can't do that then maybe it should pull out of the race to the bottom
Posted by Michael_Chare about 1 year ago
Ofcom should make Openreach offer a line only service for broadband with no phone. End users could then use VOIP which can be much cheaper.
Posted by tommy45 about 1 year ago
@Michael_Chare 34:Ofcom basically got Openreach to reduce the fttc migration fees and offer a 1mth min term contract on Fttc migrations,(Were the end user has already had service for a min of 12mths)Of course non of the biggest mass market isp's have started to pass this saving on, because the all bark & no bite Ofcom in their infinite wisdom didn't also rule that ISP's should pass this or a percentage of it on to the customers, Ofcom are just a quango who don't care about the consumer
Posted by tthom about 1 year ago
Infinity 2 is also going up by £1.91
Posted by trolleybus about 1 year ago
If Openreach was divorced from BT, would line rental be any cheaper? Ah maybe not as OR would be bought be a foreign company who would hike up the price to eye watering levels. The subscriber just can't win on this front.
Posted by Rackers about 1 year ago
Are these hikes going to include Infinity 1?
Posted by generallee94 about 1 year ago
Line Rental needs reforming, so those who don't want a landline telephone service only pay for their broadband, even if this is at a premium compared to having it with a line, customers wanting a voice line only should be able to have this at a respectable price with included calls but not be allowed to have any form of DSL service active on it.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
@Rackers Have been through BT site and found voice price change info, but nothing on the talked about 6-7% rise on broadband.

One thing BT has done sometimes is not change broadband pricing for existing customers, but tweak it for just new customers.

Once we spot changes our packages will update and existing customers should get their 30 day notice of any changes letters too.
Posted by mdar5 about 1 year ago
The real solution is to pay 3 monthly payments
1 To the infrastructure provider - ie BTOR for the line,maintenance,rental, repair, upgrade etc.
2. To your voice phone retailer if you take a voice service
3. To your data provider if you have a BB service on the line.

Posted by generallee94 about 1 year ago
@mdar5 - Yes seems fine to me, bare in mind, will the first option vary depending on the amount of line required, currently 4-500 meters of my line is all I need, the other 3.5-4.5km is just a waste for me
Posted by Rackers about 1 year ago
@andrew Thanks for the response. I am I right in thinking that even if the line rental price rises that doesn't give you the option to exit broadband early without fees even though BT won't give you one without the other?

Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
I believe it does allow you right to exit if you so desire
Posted by Rackers about 1 year ago
@andrew I appreciate the quick response. That is good to know.
Posted by 961a about 1 year ago
The problem is that if you have paid line rental for 12 months they won't give you a refund for the unused portion if you want to cancel following a hike in other charges. In effect, that ties you in to increased prices unless you are willing to lose the unused portion of annual line rent.
Ofcom should enforce refund of that as well
Posted by Kr1s69 about 1 year ago
Is the 40Mbit product provisioned at that or at 80Mbps? That could explain the 44Mbps requirement as the BT TV could utilise the full sync speed above the 40Mbps.

Plusnet do something similar with their 40/20 service and plusnet TV could be watched whilst downloading at full speed.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
Plusnet did simething similar but no more.

Infinity 1 IS the 40/10 openreach product
Posted by michaels_perry about 1 year ago
We use BT for our telephone service and Infinity1 broadband, plus we pay the line rental annually in advance for the discount. We do not have BT Sport and have no desire to as we are not football fans at all. So why should we, and people like us, be forced to pay for something we do not use? Ofcom shopuld step in and stop BT charging people for a service they do not use.
Posted by rich_jtg about 1 year ago
I see Infinity 1 is going up by £1.20 too. Only signed up recently, so a bit miffed that a price rise is here so soon.
Posted by oaksystech about 1 year ago
All these above inflation increases merely highlight BT's monopoly in many parts of the telecommunications infrastructure. We seem to be coughing up extra to fund marketing projects such as sport TV while improving the infrastructure seems to drift along aimlessly. OpenReach must be spun off to avoid cross subsidies.
Posted by zhango about 1 year ago
.........and to fund half-price offers perhaps?
Posted by 961a about 1 year ago
".......and to fund half price offers perhaps?"

Yes, but I would say that if you ring the retentions dept (certainly so far as BT is concerned and, I guess, with other providers) and haggle hard it is entirely possible to negotiate a further 12 month contract at much below the standard advertised prices
Posted by zhango about 1 year ago
I'm sure that's true so good advice but the customer who only rents the line from BT without a package cannot haggle for the line-rental charge as far as I know?
Posted by 961a about 1 year ago
Probably not. But then if there is no call package or broadband the costs of calls would be huge, bearing in mind the call set up fee which is now daylight robbery IMHO.
Such a customer would surely transfer line rental to his broadband or call ISP or move to mobile package which would surely be cheaper & do without fixed line altogether as many seem to be doing
Posted by zhango about 1 year ago
Until recently I had my line from BT but only wanted it for BB. I have a mobile phone @ £10 for 1500 mins so never use my house phone. I recently moved my line to PO and currently pay £15/month. BT lost me as a customer of over 40 years because they kept winding up the price well above inflation.
Posted by joe_pineapples about 1 year ago
@zhango who is your mobile phone deal with?

Posted by zhango about 1 year ago
Joe - I'm with Tesco which uses O2 network. My original sim only 12 month contract was £10/month for 1000 mins, 5000 text and IGB data. After the first year I phoned them to ask if I had to sign for another year and the girl thought I wanted to leave so immediately told me she would increase my minutes to 1500 still for £10. The current offer is £12.50 for 1000 mins but I got the impression that they are generous if they think you are moving after one year. The service works well and I do recommend it.
Posted by kijoma about 1 year ago
BT - 15.78 p connection charge, 10.24p / minute , £17.99 rental a month.

VoIP over Fixed Wireless - 1.2p / minute to landlines/ free to other Voip lines, no connection charge, no line rental.

Know which i prefer.
Posted by andywright about 1 year ago
Goodbye BT

I can't remember the last time I made a call on my BT landline, I do everything over voip or mobile.

I've transferred the line to my ISP (Andrews & Arnold) for DSL-only use. £10 per month for the line compared to being forced to pay for a BT 'Bundle' of things I don't need.
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