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Telephone support hours changing at Plusnet
Wednesday 24 June 2015 18:58:25 by Andrew Ferguson

In a society that is increasingly ignoring the old 9-5 Monday to Friday routine it is a bit of surprise to see PlusNet reducing the hours its telephone support centre is open.

"We are always striving to improve our award winning customer service, and as a result we have been looking at our customer support opening hours. After extensively analysing the times at which our customers call, and how long they have to wait, we are revamping the call centre opening hours. This will allow us to have the majority of our staff working when customer demand is at its peak. From 13th July 2015 our UK customer support lines will be open from 7.30am to 10pm every day. Our business customer support is open 24/7."

Changes to PlusNet call centre opening hours

Previously the support call centre was open all day, every day but after July 13th that will be changing. We presume the idea is to move lots of staff working the late night shift to cover the peak period for calls, which is likely to be in the 5pm to 9pm window.

PlusNet as a provider has always tried to ensure that its online FAQ and ticket system is what most people use when they have problems, but for many people the chance to talk to a reassuring voice to help resolve a problem or for those that cannot get online or simply cannot find any help online the phone support is important.


Posted by AndrueC about 1 year ago
Meh. Definitely glad my contract is coming to the end of its tie-in. Lack of support isn't a huge deal to me at the moment but I'm glad I'll have options to leave without exit charges.

Something is going on with PN and it doesn't seem good.
Posted by gf20 about 1 year ago
Let's not forget the ticket system is practically gone now as well.
Posted by blfamily about 1 year ago
It would have been 2 yrs today since I joined Plusnet, thankfully I have seen the warning signs already and departed 6 weeks ago.
Posted by ChrisAO about 1 year ago
Well this could just be the straw that breaks the camel's back.
Posted by mdar5 about 1 year ago
Well as I'm broadly asleep outside those hours - So sounds like an OK idea to me....
It means in effect them I'm not longer paying for the night shift that I'll never use.
If you want 24/7 support - buy a business line and pay up for it.
Posted by Kr1s69 about 1 year ago
Given how often people really use support I don't think being closed overnight is a major problem. I've had only one issue this year and it was a BT major service outage in my local area, so very little plusnet could help with.
Posted by ChrisAO about 1 year ago
Business Support in NOT 24/7 at present, it's 0900-1700 Mon-Fri.
Posted by AndyCZ about 1 year ago
Business support is 24/7 now.
Posted by ChrisAO about 1 year ago
so it is!
Posted by pompey_steve about 1 year ago
It wouldn't be an issue if the ticket system actually worked, with days going by with no response.
Posted by AndrueC about 1 year ago
Only days going by? Their current network issues have been ongoing sporadically for several of us since January. There was supposed to be an update on the recent round of tests but that thread on the forum has been locked (I don't blame them for that - some members were getting out of hand).

So it's anyone's guess if we'll ever get that update or indeed any further fixes for it.
Posted by Spud2003 about 1 year ago
Hardly the end of the world - Zen only offers 9-5 CS, and 8-8 tech support for residential.

Are we going to see a stream of posts moaning about Zen's limited CS? Thought not ...
Posted by uniquename about 1 year ago
AAISP Contact Support
Opening hours 8am to 6pm Mon-Fri Except English bank and public holidays and some days around Christmas.

They say staff members are often on their IRC account out of hours.

Now why was I looking there ...?
Posted by ahockings about 1 year ago
These are still pretty good hours though.
I don't think I've ever called them after 10pm.
Makes sense really. Why have staff at night when few are calling. Better to get them into the daytime to get call waiting times down.
Posted by dragon2611 about 1 year ago
Business Support used to just go through to the same teams as residential support outside of hours except you got to jump the queue.

If your're not on one of their silly offers Business isn't actually that much more expensive than residential afaik and they don't seem overly bothered about who they sell it to either (I.e they won't stop you ordering it for home)
Posted by _Resonance_ about 1 year ago
I suppose one of the downsides is the calls will no be crammed into a smaller time frame, which could mean longer queues.
Posted by rtho782 about 1 year ago
Is this not a significant change to the service offering and a justification for the termination of contracts?
Posted by chrysalis about 1 year ago
AndruC indeed, too many bad things happening in 2015, cant all be coincidence, seems like sort of mass cost cutting occurring perhaps in preparation for something, considering sky llu now to gt away from the BT group even tho it will cost me an extra £10 month at least. I am in month 17 currently, the issue is tho I paid up on LRS in january, so I will try to do a deal with sky where I get the line rental discount and they trust me to migrate voice at end of year. Either that or they buy out my LRS losses.
Posted by chrysalis about 1 year ago
rtho782 it seems they not even planning on informing customers, pulling a fast one me thinks.
Posted by astateoftrance about 1 year ago
Don't see what the big deal is, 7.30am to 10pm is plenty and makes sense to get more staff on during the peak times. If CS outside of those times is critical then I guess you are on the wrong service.
Posted by ZenUser27 about 1 year ago

Maybe not but there were always hundreds of support tickets to do - now they got rid of that it makes more sense.

Still glad!
Posted by ZenUser27 about 1 year ago
@ChrisAO - that's Heather Paul and Jason..

Worked with them all. Nice people :)
Posted by momist about 1 year ago
Totally happy with this. As others have said, I'm asleep for the hours they will be closed. I've had no issues with PN for a couple of years now, and I'm no longer tied in, but don't see any reason to leave. 17MBs on ADSL2 so I also don't see any reason to pay for fibre either. Maybe I'm just 'in the right place'?
Posted by emteec about 1 year ago
Sounds a sensible decision to me.
Posted by eugeneg about 1 year ago
Didn't they open a new call center a few months ago ? If closing night time meant shorter queues daytime then all would be fine, but this is fodder to cynics suggesting cost cutting measures.
Posted by scept1c about 1 year ago
My last encounter with Plusnet support a few years ago was very poor. It took more than a week to resolve the issue. They were also very slow to answer the phone and the online ticket system would sometimes take days before a response was made.
I think their peak periods would be early evening and weekends and if these periods are not covered they will have a lot of unhappy customers. Who came up with this idea?
Posted by rog737 about 1 year ago
Sounds like a backwards step again, but given that the faults team don't even look at a fault report for the first three days it is hardly going to make much difference to what is already a very poor service.
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