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Plusnet drops up to 19.5 Mbps uploads on its £14.99 fibre service
Wednesday 17 June 2015 10:18:02 by Andrew Ferguson

PlusNet has for a while now offered a unique fibre (VDSL2) service in the form of its up to 38 Mbps download and up to 19.5 Mbps upload entry level fibre service, but this popular product is now no more. Existing PlusNet fibre customers on the £14.99 service are not affected, but new customers now just have the option of a 40/2 or 80/20 wholesale product.

As always voice line rental at £15.95 per month is applicable. While the headline prices cover the vast majority of the UK there is a small percentage of places outside this low cost area, so check with the PlusNet site for your exact price.

The change will result in cost reductions for PlusNet as the 40/2 product is cheaper than the 80/20 wholesale services, but there is a real possibility that the reduced upload may make many broadband enthusiasts (who form a vocal core of PlusNet customers) recommend other providers that utilise the 40/10 wholesale product. For many people upload speeds are not important, but as more of us embrace services like cloud backup for photos from our mobile devices a decent upload speed at home becomes more important.

It also sends a clear message for those that already did not see it, that PlusNet as part of the BT brand is aiming to compete with TalkTalk who offer the same 40/2 product as their entry level fibre service.

We should add as this question is popping up in the mail bag more often and that is that PlusNet will provide their fibre services in areas where Openreach FTTP is available as the native superfast option, but you need to be an existing customer.


Posted by uniquename about 1 year ago
It's worth adding that Plusnet line rental/calls is not compulsory. Many people fail to spot this on the Plusnet website, but it is there. The broadband then costs an extra £2.50.

Also re FTTP, generally people can sign up on ADSL and upgrade to the so-called trial, but it would be wise to confirm beforehand with the Plusnet forum reps that it would definitely be available at the premises. Openreach may turn round after a survey and say No. The customer needs a get-out if they wouldn't have joined for ADSL.
Posted by uniquename about 1 year ago
Broadband-only page.
Posted by ahockings about 1 year ago
But you still need a landline from someone and have to pay rental for it.
I think the cheapest deals are around 11 quid. Plusnet's is £15.95 but you can get that down to £12.99 with the line rental saver by paying up front.
So Plusnet would be cheaper since £20 (broadband) + £12.99 (rental) is cheaper than £22.50 (broadband) + £11 (rental).
Posted by ahockings about 1 year ago
Of course this policy may get them more higher paying customers. Since Plusnet tend to have more tech savvy users as you say, they may be willing to pay more to get the upload.... possibly : )
Of course it's a bit rubbish for those who's download sync speed is around the 40Mbs mark as then the upload is the only benefit.
Posted by uniquename about 1 year ago
I forgot. In general they charge an initial setup fee as well if you don't take their phone line.
Posted by tommy45 about 1 year ago
And they charge this £50.00 fee regardless of if you already have an active FTTC service and are migrating to them,(which requires no engineer's visit,normally) or if you currently have no BB or only ADSL Which would need a engineer to visit the property as they do not as yet do a wires only install
Posted by uniquename about 1 year ago
Fibre activation: An engineer visit is required to install Plusnet Fibre. This costs £50 for new customers and £25 for existing customers. However, if you add one of our phone packages to your order or already have our phone service you'll get activation included.
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