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New packages from Zen include unlimited ADSL2+
Friday 12 June 2015 18:53:58 by Andrew Ferguson

We have just finished updating our Zen Internet package listing to reflect the new products, the main changes are a new unlimited ADSL2+ service which is available with a one month contract at £16 per month if you use Zen voice line rental or £21.40 if you want to keep your voice line rental with another provider.

For consumers the voice line rental is £16.99 inc VAT, or for business customers it is £17 + VAT, there is no inclusive calls but simple per second billing and calls packages are available.

The unlimited ADSL2+ is also available to business users as well as the various fibre options, and for businesses where broadband is more critical a critical care option offering a 99% uptime guarantee and minimum throughput speeds is available on the more expensive office packages.


Posted by ZenUser27 about 1 year ago
Article is spot on. I pay £32.99 for phone and this unlimited ADSL2+ and it's fantastic.
Posted by tbailey2 about 1 year ago
Um... I pay £12 per month for phone and unlimited ADSL2+, also fantastic
Posted by ZenUser27 about 1 year ago
You get what you pay for.. Cheap is not always the best option!
Posted by tbailey2 about 1 year ago
Nor is very expensive....
Posted by ZenUser27 about 1 year ago
Well just because you can't or won't afford something more than you do does not mean we should all live by that code.

Posted by woody2015 about 1 year ago
…I considered Zen an honourable supplier of internet services but the recent (April 2015) change in the conditions reflect a supplier you need to be wary of… “..we will be increasing the price of your Zen 8000 Active service from £21.27 per month, to £26 per month..” . OVER 22% increase!!!
How can that be justified when the OforNS noted May this year “…The rate of inflation faced by households rose to 1.8% in the year to April 2014, up from 1.6% in March. This follows nine months in which the rate of inflation hasn’t increased….”.
Zen may be good but can they be trusted…..???

Posted by ZenUser27 about 1 year ago
That's a fair point.

I am on a 30 day contract so if so I can always leave them but so far they seem to be ok.
Posted by AdrianPH about 1 year ago
woody, the increase is down to BT and the prices charged to Zen.
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