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BTs new demand led ADSL checker appears.
Saturday 29 June 2002 18:41:00 by Andrew Ferguson

BT Wholesale has launched its new ADSL checker which can be accessed at BTs website. For those users who can't get ADSL due to not having an enabled exchange, they will now be told the trigger level if one has been set for the exchange. Generally the trigger level is between 200 and 500 pre-orders, information about the whole process can be seen here.

The important point to remember is that using the BT checker doesn't increase the interest level for the exchange, but it provides you with a link through to a web based contact form for the ISP of your choice. The responsibility is very much in the area of users to register now, and ISPs to keep track of the users who contact them and ensure accurate information is passed to BTWholesale regarding demand.


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