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Cornish contract signed to deliver 99% superfast coverage
Thursday 11 June 2015 15:31:59 by Andrew Ferguson

As widely expected the contract between Cornwall Council and BT has been signed, the plan announced in January 2015 was to start an extension contract to take superfast fibre coverage to 99% of premises across the County.

The £7.6m contract includes £1.23m of BT money and £2.96m from the Governments Superfast Extension programme. The time line is such that the first phase running from July 2015 to March 2017 will deliver fibre based broadband to 99% of premises (superfast to 89%) and then subsequent to this work will run until 2019 to take the superfast target to 99%. The targets suggesting a continuation of the current FTTC and FTTP mixture initially, but with infill using FTTrN, G.Fast or FTTP in areas where VDSL2 is below the superfast threshold.

thinkbroadband calculation of Cornwall Superfast Coverage - 9th June 2015
Area % fibre based % superfast (>30 Mbps) % cable % Openreach FTTP % Under 2 Mbps USC % Under 5 Mbps (new USO) % Under 15 Mbps
Cornwall 90.6% 73.8% 2.5% 24% 3.1% 7.6% 16.9%
Camborne & Redruth 93.7% 80.6% 0% 31.2% 2% 5% 12.6%
Isles of Scilly 94.6% 84.4% 0% 0% 0% 4.5% 11.9%
North Cornwall 86.2% 62.2% 0% 20.8% 5.6% 14.3% 28.6%
South East Cornwall 88% 67.6% 15.2% 9.5% 4.8% 11% 22%
St Austell & Newquay 94% 79.4% 0% 20.6% 2.4% 4.8% 11.3%
St Ives 92.6% 77.5% 0% 33.9% 2.3% 6.1% 15%
Truro & Falmouth 89.6% 76% 0% 28.6% 1.6% 4.4% 12.2%

Our analysis of what has been delivered to date shows the progress down in Cornwall and the almost unparalleled amount of native FTTP, where for example in the St Ives constituency 1 in 3 premises have access to FTTP at 40 to 330 Mbps speeds. Cornwall accounts for almost one third of the GEA-FTTP rolled out by Openreach since 2009.

"We’ve seen the transformational potential that access to superfast broadband can bring so it is crucial that we continue to increase our fibre broadband capability to enable more Cornish businesses to benefit from access to superfast speeds. Increased connectivity also underpins opportunities to specialise in new and emerging markets in areas such as the digital economy, creative, e-health, space and aerospace related industries."

Chris Pomfret, Chairman of the Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership

The original Superfast Cornwall project was done without any funding directly from Westminster and arguably was the showcase for what Openreach and BT could deliver when the phase one BDUK contracts were up for grabs. Now that the project has come into the fold with the extension funding from distant Westminster it will be interesting to see if the same degree of innovation takes place, e.g. will Cornwall be the place where G.Fast is put through its paces to allow slow FTTC lines to bypass superfast and enjoy ultrafast speeds (ultrafast being a service with 100 Mbps or faster downloads).


Posted by cyberdoyle about 1 year ago
Was it over £400 million of EU money that went into Cornwall?
Posted by TheEulerID about 1 year ago

Just a tiny bit less. The Eureopean Regional Development Fund (ERDF) contributed £53.5m to Superfast Cornwall, or approximately 87% less.
Posted by AndrueC about 1 year ago
So presumably we can count on the Cornish for a 'yes' vote in the forthcoming EU referendum? They certainly seem to have done better working with the EU than the rest of the country has working with the government.
Posted by gerarda about 1 year ago
Given the hype over Superfast Cornwalls use of FTTP to get at more remote places the percentages of very slow lines is surprisingly high.
Posted by TheEulerID about 1 year ago
Why? NGA coverage is still only about 90% as the project is a long way from being finished.
Posted by gerarda about 1 year ago
The project aim was superfast coverage to 80& to 90% by 2014 so it a long way from doing that even six months later.
Posted by TheEulerID about 1 year ago
Yet the Seri mid-term report said the project was ahead of its roll-out schedule...
Posted by rkcl about 1 year ago
I live in Penzance and I cannot get Fibre. You'll notice that Penzance is not listed in the above chart.
The £400million referred to above was to generate businesses in a deprived rural area funded by The Eureopean Regional Development Fund (ERDF, I think.)
Posted by gerarda about 1 year ago

That's because the report used the Humpty Dumpty approach to word definition and would now if updated have claimed coverage of 90.9% instead of the actual 73.8%.
Posted by gerarda about 1 year ago
90.6% as per the table not 90.9%
Posted by ValueforMoney about 1 year ago
253,000 properties, c50,000 on FTTP and a 1,000 cabs. The 1,000 will be no more than £30m and how much on FTTP? £1200 average?
89 page report and nothing on how much was spent and who contributed what so far?
Great project but we need transparency on the costs.
Posted by Dixinormous about 1 year ago
Tad more than 1/3rd of all Openreach FTTP in Cornwall.

More like 45%.
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