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Time to say who you think is the Internet Hero or Villain for 2015
Wednesday 03 June 2015 11:46:04 by Andrew Ferguson

While almost all the results for the ISPA 2015 Awards are sealed in their envelopes ready to be revealed at the awards ceremony on the 2nd July, it is time for the public and industry to nominate people, bodies or firms who should be recognised for their contribution to the Internet in the Internet Hero award. Alternatively if there is someone or a body you've like to see receive the Villain award which was won in 2014 by GCHQ.

To submit a nomination simply tweet @ISPAUK with the hashags #InternetHero and #InternetVillain to make it clear what you are nominating people for. The deadline for nominations is the 9th June 2015.

Surveillance has been the major theme of the last couple of years with The Guardian crowned Hero in 2014 for their coverage of the Snowden revelations, and GCHQ named Villain, for their mass surveillance activities. Surveillance has been a major issue this year too, with DRIPA being passed with emergency legislation and the re-emergence of a communications data legislation in the Queen's Speech. However there have been other developments too, with ISPs and technology firms being asked to do more as well as some real innovation.

Comment from ISPA

The nominations will be considered by the ISPA Council and the winner announced on the night alongside the many other categories.


Posted by TheEulerID about 1 year ago
Interesting that GCHQ is named a villain when it's essentially the child of Bletchley Park. If Polish cryptographers had not made steps in decryption technology during peacetime, then the breaking of the Enigma codes would have been so much more difficult.
We may not live with the immediate threat of the Nazis (although the Baltic states and Ukraine has reasonable fear of Russia), but there are other threats from extremists which are serious enough.
Posted by Spud2003 about 1 year ago
That's because WWII and mass surveillance of the general public are two different things.
Posted by chilting about 1 year ago
My Internet hero is Openreach for its delivery of BDUK to West Chiltington and my internet villain is Openreach for leaving the job half done on the West Chiltington exchange.
Posted by TheEulerID about 1 year ago
There is no mass surveillance of the public as such. Does anybody actually think that GCHQ have the resources to deal with more than a tiny fraction of the data available, even if they had the intent.
The simple fact is that the Internet is a massive, massive haystack and trying to find those tiny, relevant needles to the bad guys needs clues.
Posted by TheEulerID about 1 year ago
Compared to what commercial companies (and the scam merchants) do with the information available, where they really do target advertising, malware, scam calls and so on at the mass population level, it's pretty difficult to point to any example where an ordinary member of the public has been affected by this stuff.
Where the security services have overstepped the mark (e.g. CIA waterboarding), it's had nothing to do with this stuff.
I'd worry more about oversight of the whole thing, and not whether GCHQ are interested in the trivia of my life.
Posted by fabrettitd about 1 year ago
Is there another way to vote? Not all of us do this stupid tweeting. After all we are humans
Posted by Spud2003 about 1 year ago

>There is no mass surveillance of the public as such.

Then how would you describe Tempora?

Posted by fabrettitd about 1 year ago
Drive past GCHQ and then tell yourself the public don't get spied on.
Posted by tommy45 about 1 year ago
Theresa may David s-cameron there's two for starters
Posted by rippedcotton about 1 year ago
The problem with mass surveillance is not so much the immediate scanning for material of use in foiling terror plots or other immediate threats it's the storing of vast amounts of material which can become a treasure trove of links between people that a future repressive government could mine continuously and use to eliminate critics, intellectuals and those that think for themselves.
Posted by otester about 1 year ago
RT a while back exposed a plan for a US first strike on Russia in 2018, all non-cooperative EU government would be coup-ed, political dissidents would be dealt with, opposing politicians included, this sort of surveillance makes such a task a whole lot easier.
Posted by nervous about 1 year ago
@otester More than 12 years ago someone asked me whether I thought there was a possibility of a 3rd World War. My answer was that, not only was there a possibility but that it was inevitable.
We need to move forward at a pace that will set the worlds teeth on edge.
We need to become a world leader in R and D like we haven't been for decades.
We need to do what is necessary for the above despite the fact that, that may mean lending more money.
We need to lead the world and not follow in its wake.
We need to be weahat we used to be...Great Britain
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