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UFO coming to York with promise of Gigabit broadband
Tuesday 19 May 2015 08:45:58 by Andrew Ferguson

New branding style for York Gigabit broadband

The branding and a registration website has landed and it is out of this world with a UFO theme centred around the name UltraFibreOptic.

The new advertising theme is a joint venture between Sky and TalkTalk to promote availability of the Gigabit fibre roll-out in York, as yet no sign of pricing but the promise that those registering and inside the footprint will find out very soon.

For a new uber geeky speed service the sign that the marketing people are winning rather than the geeks is in evidence with the headline speed 1000Mb in evidence when really it should be 1000 Mbps since the time period for a measurement is an important thing and in some places the Mb has been forced to MB making the service 8 times faster than it really is. Time to start watching for the first speed tests soon hopefully.


Posted by adslmax about 1 year ago
Say goodbye to bloody greed BT with crappy slow FTTC. And BT rip off FTTPoD.
Posted by adslmax about 1 year ago
Ok the UFO Ultra Fibre Optic download is probably up to 1000Megabit (I don't think it will be max speed) but no metion of what was the upload speed are?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
Gigabit with Ethernet out of the CPE has a limit of 950 Mbps.
Posted by adslmax about 1 year ago
And for wifi (no chance of getting 1Gbps)on laptop, mobile phone and pc.
Posted by ahockings about 1 year ago
Does an individual need 1 Gbps though?
I think it should be looked at from the perspective of a family with several users all being able to max out their WiFi connections at the same time!
I have 1.7 Mbps. 50 would be lovely! : )
Posted by 21again about 1 year ago
The BB speed divide appears to be now getting even bigger :P
Posted by FTTH about 1 year ago
Cityfibres approach in York is a wise one, they split in a 'great' street cab ;). They could get 10G or 100G to a subscriber if they really wanted - Just a case of patching. The majority will be GPoN I am sure... but Point-2-Point could be a patch away....
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