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Two months of 100GB of 4G data for just £10 on EE mobile
Monday 18 May 2015 10:43:11 by Andrew Ferguson

Fingers crossed the summer will turn out nice and sunny and in anticipation of a great Festival season, EE has a new offer of a limited edition Pay As You Go SIM which once you've topped up with a £10 1GB data pack (with 50 texts and 50 minutes of calls) and you've used that data EE will give you 100GB of 4G data for two months. Plus one lucky person will win a pair of tickets to Glastonbury.

So basically its spend £10 to get access to 201GB of 4G data (or 3G if that is all your phone/tablet can manage). To get the limited edition SIM you need to apply before 31st May 2015 and then top up with £10 within 14 days of getting the SIM and buy the £10 data pack.


Posted by ahockings about 1 year ago
Andrew, you sure that's not 101 GB to use over the 2 months, rather than 100 GB per month?
I've read it several times now and I think it's 101 in total.
Posted by kraftman about 1 year ago
Does this include tethering?
Posted by mitchja about 1 year ago

@ahockings from the T&C's page (

'The 100GB will then refresh at the end of the 30 days, giving you a second month to enjoy the data.'

so yes, you should get 201Gb in total lasting 60 days.

EE does allow teaching on all their 4G plans, including PAYG so I don't see this been any different.
Posted by mitchja about 1 year ago
tethering even!!
Posted by ahockings about 1 year ago
Ah yes. I see it now.
Posted by wellhiddenmark about 1 year ago
This might seem a great deal, but anyone with experience of the EE "network" knows it will be an uphill struggle to use a hundred megabytes at their level of speed and reliability.
Posted by ahockings about 1 year ago
I would imagine it would be really easy. I regularly see 20 Mbps+ on 3G and up to 100 Mbps (but more normally 60) on 4G. I'm rural too.
Posted by _Resonance_ about 1 year ago
Yeah same. The other day I had 1 bar of 4G and still got over 40Mb. Think the worst I've ever had on 3G is around 5Mb, but it's usually a lot more.
Posted by burble about 1 year ago
This caught my eye, but I see you actualy have to spend £20.
Over 2 months if I pay £10/month, I get 168mins talk time, 300texts and 1GB of 3g per month, which is as much as I can use, 3g is rarely available, and 4g is just a dream.
But if you can use 100Gb/month looks a good deal.
Posted by wolfhound about 1 year ago
It's a typical EE deal, looks good on the surface but when you scratch a little it costs a lot. There charges for top up data are extortionate. So you get used to 100gb per month, then drop to 1gb and have to pay a fortune for that extra 99
Posted by wolfhound about 1 year ago
there = their!
Grrrrr I hate making that typo
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