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The problem with living on the edge of a city
Thursday 14 May 2015 19:32:38 by Andrew Ferguson

The fibre broadband roll-outs are extensive, but until we reach 100% coverage and every new build and flat conversion also comes with it pre-installed we will continue to find clusters like this in Winchester. The Andover Advertiser has a tale of plight for around 50 homes connected to cabinet 50 on the Winchester exchange is on the very western edge of Winchester.

While the half dozen or so postcodes can only get something in the range of 1 to 3.5 Mbps from ADSL2+, other homes within metres on a different (cab 20) can get FTTC at speeds of 35 Mbps to 70 Mbps and some can actually order ultrafast cable broadband from Virgin Media too.

At this point the blame game starts, hence the newspaper headline of people being held to ransom by BT who are quoting £30,000 for the cabinet to be enabled. The local authority suggests they premises may be covered by superfast extension projects which is aiming for 95% of homes by 2018. Of course the question the council will be asking itself and residents too is what could we do to encourage a commercial operator like Virgin Media that has announced a £3 billion expansion to extend its network and fill in around the edges of a city it has coverage in already.

In the short term the answer for those hamstring with slow ADSL2+ may be to look at 3G or 4G options, or make an arrangement to use a Wi-Fi link to a neighbour who has a good connection and share it.


Posted by ahockings about 1 year ago
See, some enterprising person on Cab 20 needs to get a second line in, stick 80 meg broadband on it and set up a WiFi antenna outside a window!
Then charge people for the WiFi key!
Sorted!! Hahaha
Posted by AndrueC about 1 year ago
You do realise that the more people who share a connection, the worse the experience is going to be? Even an 80Mb/s connection won't offer a very good experience in the evening if a dozen people are trying to stream TV over it ;)

And that's even assuming a WAP can offer that kind of speed. These days of crowded wifi frequencies mean that it'll probably be a dozen people sharing less than half that.
Posted by gerarda about 1 year ago
the WIfi route is used quite a lot in this area but it is really only viable on a one to one basis and probably is in breach of the ISPs T&Cs
Posted by fastman about 1 year ago
community have had this since June 2014 and specifically requested the cost for self funding at the time
Posted by fastman about 1 year ago
there are around 50 premises on this cab
Posted by bishbash127 about 1 year ago
A friend lives in a 3 year year old housing development, 120 ish houses, served by Queensbury Cab 38 created for the development, no FTTC, no VM, 4KM+ from the exchange and download speed of about 3 meg. Superfast West Yorkshire plan to ensure they get 2 meg so the next hope is VM expand there as BT said the cab wasn't viable.
Posted by bishbash127 about 1 year ago
In contrast, I live in a 16 year old housing development of about 66 houses connected to Queensbury Cab 22 which already existed before my development was built. Although no VM (it stops at the bottom of the street, before the development starts) we did get FTTC. So, FTTC for new houses can be hit and miss.
Posted by alan_lingard about 1 year ago
We are a group we have called ourselves kinnington52 ( to openreach determining that there are 52 houses on cab1 Great Mollington that cant be reached. Best sub 3Mbps worst sub 1Mbps.This is a reasonably dense populated area, some houses back on to others connected through a different exch and get over 70Mbps. Are there others who we can get together with and share actions/experiences etc.
Posted by chefbyte about 1 year ago
Sounds so like me, living off a main road that has 3 x VM cabs within 100 feet of the house and our Cab (Scartho #1) is over the road and now BT states they are not upgrading FTTC on my cab as its not cost effective for them to do so and thats a quote from them after making enquiries with them and the local contract also states the same.
Posted by chefbyte about 1 year ago
Poor show as the rest of the town is on VM or Superfast and im sat here in an oasis on 8MB. And no its not an option to move either before you say :) What a way to treat the National Broadband Campaigner after I got over 100K signatures to get ADSL into my region
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