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4G offers and free EE TV appear to be working for EE
Tuesday 28 April 2015 09:47:50 by Andrew Ferguson

EE is currently the champion of 4G in the UK this is reflected with some 9.3 million 4G EE customers, a rise of 224% in the last 12 months, and with an aim of 14 million by the end of the year we can expect to see more of Kevin Bacon. In terms of coverage EE claims 87% of the population and is aiming for 99% by 2017 with 90% geographic coverage of 2G voice at the same time.

The fixed line broadband (ADSL2+/fibre) sector of EE for some years was shrinking but with several quarters of growth, a healthy user base of 884,000 is the result, up 15% in the last 12 months. The EE TV set-top box that tries to differentiate from YouView boxes by allowing you to stream content to handheld devices appears to be a large part of the success story.

In the 4G arena the Dan and Phil promotion of 100GB free data for two months late in 2014 will no doubt have boosted the number upgrading to a 4G plan. In theory while 4G coverage means broadband speeds much higher than fixed line broadband are possible, 4G (and its older 3G) connections often suffer more variability than a fixed line service which along with the cost of 4G data may limit the appeal as a fixed line broadband replacement, particularly in homes where video streaming and online gaming is popular.

Our broadband speed test that runs just as happily on mobile devices as full desktop PC shows some very nice double speed EE 4G results. It will be interesting to see how the EE mobile services behave as data usage levels rise.


Posted by generallee94 about 1 year ago
Joined EE after trialling the Dan & Phil sim and couldn't be happier... speed tests always good on both 3G and 4G here in West Sussex.

Coverage is also good though a little flakey in the odd area around the UK but even then with a weak signal it performs well & with many plans in place to improve coverage and other new features like WI-Fi calling being enabled, EE "IMO" are pacing in the right direction.
Posted by chilting about 1 year ago
Unfortunately EE mobile coverage here in West Chiltington is just outdoor phone calls on 2G with one bar outdoors on 3G and no 4G.
Posted by ahockings about 1 year ago
@chilting Do you have any MIP (not spot) masts going up around there? Check your local planning website.
Posted by ahockings about 1 year ago
The fastest I have got on EE was 133.9 Mbps!! :-O
Caton mast near Ashburton on the A38 Devon
iPhone 6.
Posted by otester about 1 year ago
Perhaps if they did the 100GB plan permanently they'd get themselves a whole load of frustrated ex-One Plan-ers as well...
Posted by chilting about 1 year ago
Nothing on the local planning. It is a surprise to me that EE don't improve their coverage in West Chiltington, most of the other local villages are served reasonably well. Maybe they cannot find a site for a mast. To be fair the other mobile companies give fairly good coverage to the village.
Posted by adslmax about 1 year ago
EE is pile of shitty in shropshire!
Posted by jchamier about 1 year ago
@chilting - too many people saying "no to masts" in the early 2000s so you end up with long range from other villages which give calls but no usable data.

EE generally good on 4G but speeds noticeably slowing as uptake continues in most built up areas. Some of those peak speeds are amazing, but in built up areas typically more likely to see 60 to 70mbps not over 100.
Posted by therioman about 1 year ago
I think Champion of 4G is a bit strong. In my experience the network has been terrible - the speed of 4G is only "amazing" at night or in under used areas, it's slowing everywhere else but overall data 3g/4g has been unreliable.
Posted by therioman about 1 year ago
Oh - and the "headline" speed seen with HTTP is not the same when I do things like streaming - I'd be lucky if I could slingbox at 500kbps - streams at 6-8 meg consistently on 3... it's not my device, or the slingbox connection... its just the pathetic service EE offers, just looks good on a speedtest!
Posted by chilting about 1 year ago
Obviously coverage is good in towns and it is also good along major A roads and motorways in rural areas. It must be technically difficult to cover long thin strips of land and require lots of masts. If mobile companies can provide coverage for major roads, why can't they provide coverage for villages?
Posted by Shempz about 1 year ago
I've left EE, because I had pretty much zero signal in my home, unless I hung my arm out the window with my phone....however, in fairness to them, when I was commuting, the EE 4G was excellent and I'd generally get around 20 - 35mb download speeds most of the way in to London. Strangely enough, the fastest speeds I gto were at Christmas time in Rainham, Kent, where I got 95mb download and 35mb upload speed.
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