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Virgin Media 300 Mbps ultrafast cable service spotted
Sunday 19 April 2015 11:24:46 by Andrew Ferguson

While we still have no official timeline yet from Virgin Media the signs of the new top speed package from the cable provider have started to appear, with evidence for a 300 Mbps product appearing in our speed test database, this is only a short while after spotting testing of the 200 Mbps product.

Speed test from 300 Mbps ultrafast Virgin Media connection
Evidence for new top speed tier at Virgin Media
Speed test from 300 Mbps ultrafast Virgin Media connection
Another test from a different part of the UK

If 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps and 300 Mbps tiers become the standard fare for Virgin Media in 2015 or 2016 this will put the UK very much on the right path towards meeting the current EU Digital Agenda targets (everyone on 30 Mbps or faster and 50% with a 100 Mbps or faster connection) and if the £3bn Virgin Media network expansion goes to plan by 2017 we might have two-thirds of the UK with access to these 300 Mbps speeds if they want to order it.

In the last six years Virgin Media average download speeds have risen from 7.6 Mbps to 52.1 Mbps (upload change was 0.5 Mbps to 6.1 Mbps) and even with the tendency for people to opt for the cheapest package in a broadband line-up we will most likely see an average of around 100 Mbps, and with four million customers this will also have a significant impact on the overall UK result.


Posted by Apilar about 1 year ago
Shame about the upload speed.
Posted by jchamier about 1 year ago
So you need 300mbps download from Virgin to get similar upload to many FTTC users? Shows how unbalanced DOCSIS is. People now want to upload 1080p video from smartphones and 4K video is next. (Samsung S6, iPhone 6 etc). Upload is more and more important.
Posted by drummerjohn about 1 year ago
pointless until they sort out their upload speed and it's daft restrictions.
Posted by babis3g about 1 year ago
well done TBB, keep us updated
Posted by deathistheend about 1 year ago
Yeah right, I pay for 152Mbs internet and I'm lucky if is get 15Mbs.
Virgins excuse we have congestion in the area.
11pm at night:-
Posted by generallee94 about 1 year ago
Yet Youtube will still struggle to buffer and Jitter will be a pain for those Gaming...

I will stick with something stable, not something with a "Flashy Title"

I changed someone from a an un-congested Virgin network in Birmingham to a 4mb ADSL line and they have never seen such stable latency and have said their gaming experience has improved a lot!

Also Virgin supplying 100/200/300 will be a bit daft, considering some don't even need 10meg
Posted by WWWombat about 1 year ago
Take a look at
and the video linked within.

Quote: "If your "internet" feels slow then more bandwidth [above 5Mbps] is probably not the answer"

Until VM treats the latency/buffering issue as a first-class problem, rather than banning users who bring the issue up, things won't improve.

And they won't improve because we get queuing wrong in the network equipment.

Watch out for the terms of "bufferbloat" and "fq_codel". If you haven't heard of them, you haven't started down the journey of fixing latency problems.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
Fingers crossed might have something to say on bufferbloat in next months speed test figures.
Posted by WWWombat about 1 year ago

It would be interesting to have a "speedtest" variant that did something like RRUL - measuring up, down and latency altogether - but I guess we'd just show how poor everyone's routers were.
Posted by rhetherington about 1 year ago
There's also this nice video that helps explain bandwidth and latency to the layperson:
Posted by Dave2150 about 1 year ago
Putting BT FTTC speeds to shame.

Once VM increases their upload speed (which is being worked on) it will be the final nail in the coffin for BT.
Posted by Dave2150 about 1 year ago
Oh, wanted to add, the upload speed on the top 300mbit package of 15mbit is still greater than the average FTTC user will get.

People seem to assume everyone has perfect FTTC lines, syncing at max speeds. This is far from the truth, where speeds get reduced the further you are from your cabinet.
Posted by GMAN99 about 1 year ago
"it will be the final nail in the coffin for BT. "

Chuckle, of course it will. VM have always been faster than BT there's still no sign of coffins or nails.
Posted by cyberdoyle about 1 year ago
<a href=""><img alt="My Broadband Speed Test" src="" /></a> can anyone tell me why thinkbroadband speedtests are higher on safari than on chrome? and why speedtest dot net tests are a heck of a sight faster on both browsers? cmon u geeks, help me out on this? I am so not a geek.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
Because different browsers perform differently, and handling Gbps is stretching PC capabilities often.

As for the other speed test it may be sampling theory or other tricks going on, or simply some bottleneck between Lancashire and London.
Posted by adslmax about 1 year ago
BT will bite back with G.Fast 500Mbps and possible 50Mbps upload!

Virgin Media will be loser!
Posted by AndrueC about 1 year ago
@Dave2150:What do you mean 'nail in the coffin'? Are you suggesting that if VM start selling a 300Mb/s service BT will shut up shop and over 50% of the country will have no way to access the internet?

I think you're being a bit silly there.

In any case BT already sell a 300Mb/s service and could provide it 'on demand' to anywhere that currently has FTTC if they really wanted. So in that sense VM are the ones playing catch up ;)
Posted by WWWombat about 1 year ago
Here, I have a choice of VM at 50, 100 or 150, or Openreach at 40 or 80.

But raw speed isn't my deciding factor: latency, consistency, and reliability are a much bigger factor.

My nails therefore go into VM's coffin.
Posted by daniel2000 about 1 year ago
this is what virgin is considering
also add line rental

50Mb connection speed
(+ £17.50)
100Mb connection speed
(+ £18.50)
152Mb connection speed
(+ £30.00)
200Mb connection speed
(+ £32.00)
300Mb connection speed
(+ £37.00)
line rental being considered at 18.99
Posted by chrysalis about 1 year ago
that upload will struggle to even handle the acks.
Posted by WWWombat about 1 year ago
Flash is a strange environment, where an interpreter has to execute the "application" (such as the speed tester) to get things done. It isn't the raw computer executing.

If the interpreter has been written badly, in the parts the app uses, then the application doesn't work well. Other apps may be interpreted better. Hence different performance.

Flash then employs separate interpreters in different browsers, with their own foibles. More room for differences.

No surprise that Apple disliked Flash. The OS has little control.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
@WWWombat - look at the links posted, no tbbx1 line which shows that no flash was involved in the speed test.

The test itself is capable of handling 1 Gbps if the PC and browse are happy to handle the GB of data down and GB of data up that this involves.
Posted by roughbeast about 1 year ago
We are unlikely to see Virgin Media maintain the 10:1 down/up ratio they used to put out; no 300Mb/30Mb packages me thinks. VM's network architecture won't allow it atm.
All the trial results that have been popping up on TBB speedtests are on Docsis 3.0. Docsis 3.1, (Coming soon.), may give VM capacity for a 1Gb service. I wonder if Docsis 3.1 will make better up speeds a possibility?
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