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Conservatives propose new law to ban adult content websites
Saturday 04 April 2015 11:09:32 by Andrew Ferguson

A new proposal has emerged in the war against online pornography, Culture and Media Secretary Sajid Javid has said that if the party comes back into power it would ensure adult content was NOT available to under 18's via the use of age verification systems.

The proposals centres around a strict interpretation of how age verification controls should be enforced and any website or Internet based service not complying whether operating in the UK or overseas would be added to a block list. This new system would be overseen by a new independent regulator, but would require the co-operation of all broadband providers to be effective and would very likely be expensive to implement due to the sheer size of the block list and that less responsible overseas sites would work to avoid themselves appearing on the lists.

Age verification is something that seems a good idea, but many adults will be dissuaded from sharing their credit card details, passport or driving licence information, but one would expect that just as with credit card transactions larger maybe more trusted institutions would handle this. The danger is that it could give scammers another way to fool the gullible into handing over personal data to verify their age, and even with age verification what is to stop a 14 year old acquiring a parents driving licence from a wallet or purse and noting down the details.

So far while adult content is referenced, it is not always clear if this means just 'hardcore pornography' or extends to a wider variety of material, and once block lists rise above a certain size it becomes easier to add other sites that do not agree with the morals of that week and thus we end up with a UK Firewall. A grey area will be video streaming services that offer PG through to 18 certificate material, many need a credit card to sign up but will adults then be expected to re-verify to view 18-rated content?


Posted by tommy45 about 1 year ago
Yet another reason not to vote for them,if they needed another, Porn today what next week /month or year, ? parents have a responsiblity to keep their children from seeing porm ,there is hardware /software solutions avaiable, and if they didn't abandon their kids each day (leave then alone on a pc /or other device that has access to the internet then maybe if supervised they wouldn't see it better still don't give then internet access unsupervised,kids spend far too much time sat at a pc or hooked up to a mobile device, and in front of the tv , no wonder we are becoming fat britain
Posted by mike41 about 1 year ago
I agree with Tommy. Recently we see parents calling the police to control their children, parents complaining that the police are to blame for their children taking off to Syria, now yet another scheme to show Government as 'doing something'. But it will be yet another rich source for the data thieves :)
Posted by tmcr about 1 year ago
With all these rules being imposed I can see ISP's leaving the market on the grounds that they are not the Internet police.
Just an excuse to bring in a highly paid 'regulator' to be ineffective.
Posted by tommy45 about 1 year ago
Isp's could if they wanted choose not to block as they do not sell BB to anyone under the age of 18yrs do they ? so then it would become the account holders/subscribers responsibilty to ensure little tarquin or Hermione aren't watching porn ect
Posted by joe_pineapples about 1 year ago
@tommy well said mate.
Posted by TheEulerID about 1 year ago
It rather amounts to politicians not trusting parents as the mass-market ISPs offer content filtering. Yes, it can be got around by savvy kids, but then so will any law like this, and by much the same techniques.
Posted by comnut about 1 year ago
same old rot seems to happen every time.... there is NO really effective way to stop it, Most ISP's already have a 'opt-in' system to stop it, But that does not stop your son going next door / or even on their mobile..

The main fault lies with ** BONE IDLE ** parents being too lazy or afraid to EDUCATE their minors about the rights and wrongs... and taking them out of sex education classes because it is 'shocking'.. this leaves them open to attack, due to not knowing how to defend themselves!!
Posted by Saurus about 1 year ago
Hit the nail on the head Tommy, it's the parents responsibility, not the ISP's or some idiot politicians looking for a vote from the gullible!
Posted by fabrettitd about 1 year ago

which is exactly what my other ISP (Andrews & Arnold) do! re selling to over 18's only
Posted by tommy45 about 1 year ago
TBH I thought that it was a requirement of all fixed line Isp's that the account holder has to be 18 or over,?
The mobile operators all block adult content by default as far as i'm aware, but under 18's can easily buy sim cards(pay and go) but i think that you'd still have to 18 to get a pay monthly contract as they require a credit search and a bank account
Posted by Spud2003 about 1 year ago
The media - print and broadcast- let the ISP censorship brigade get away with spouting absolute tripe, claiming that it is possible to "block" content. Filters can be bypassed just like dictats from the courts, it's all a complete fraud.

The problem that's trying to be solved exists between the keyboard and the chair, it is not about technology but about individuals.
Posted by GeeTee about 1 year ago
Soo... this would apply to things such as Google and Bing image search? Perhaps lock SafeSearch on unless one logs in and verifies age in some way.

What's that I hear? Ahh, just Constance Mary Whitehouse chuckling maniacally from the grave :)
Posted by rogerfp about 1 year ago
King Canute had more chance of holding back the sea than our computer illiterate politicians have of controlling the Internet, thankfully. As everyone on this forum knows this will be bypassed within minutes by the intelligent, computer savvy and most kids who are far more computer literate than their parent or teachers.evr will be. This is purely electioneering BS by dumb politicians appealing to dumb parents and Daily Mail readers who think this sort of control is really possible.
Posted by jroadley about 1 year ago
A shining example of westminster being a million miles away from reality.

Can we blame the immigrants for this as well?

Posted by Dixinormous about 1 year ago
If people don't like the blocks they could of course use ISPs that don't block, however at least some are way too cheap to spend the cash and prefer complaining about their current, cheap, ISP rather than moving.
Posted by comnut about 1 year ago
tommy45: it is easy enough for under 18's to get drink, smoke, etc... they just get a older friend to get it...
Adults?? they are too busy working, or doing other illegal stuff to care...
Posted by fabrettitd about 1 year ago
@ Dixinormous

Agreed. AAisp might not be the cheapest but when things go wrong or you need to talk to them. You realise then why you pay so much because they are very very good.
Posted by rtho782 about 1 year ago
If only aaisp offered an unlimited service I'd go for them even if it were £75 a month. Last month I had a hard drive failure, then had to redownload all my steam games. That was about 4tb.

Most months I'd be within the limit on home::1 but I don't want to have to worry.

As for the original topic, what happens of an adult doesn't have a credit card (many don't out of either choice or credit score) doesn't drive (many 18-25 year olds don't anymore due to the cost of insurance etc, and some adults have epilepsy).

Sounds like VPN services will be standard in the UK.
Posted by meldrew about 1 year ago
Perhaps I can log in with my bus pass number to prove that I am over 70! I am sick to death of assualt on my privacy. The next one will be "smart" motorways that will cost you money as well as tracking your movements. And don't mentoion UK Border Agency who had a queue of a thousand people at MAN at 1 am this morning, few staff and no facilty for chipped passports either. I despair.....
Posted by comnut about 1 year ago
rtho782: and you now have GOOD backup policy??????
Posted by mervl about 1 year ago
When will politicians stop trying to play God? Hint, even God doesn't try to MAKE us good.
Posted by fabrettitd about 1 year ago

Indeed, Zen is a good option although they are 500GB max
Posted by tommy45 about 1 year ago
Zen sell unlimited products FTTC 80/20 and i'm sure also ADSL products too
Posted by otester about 1 year ago
I did warn you...

CP -> Copyright -> Hardcore porn -> Porn -> Political content.
Posted by otester about 1 year ago
Also the really scary part is this Electronic ID they want to introduce, like China wants to do...
Posted by tommy45 about 1 year ago
@mervl: well the internet is something that they cannot control, or monitor fully,they so desperately want both,because they are control freaks, and will use any excuse to obtain what they want, hence why they want out of Europe, followed by the human rights act being diminished
Posted by tommy45 about 1 year ago
@comnut: they don't even need to do that when any stranger will do, but with a fixed line internet service things aren't so easy.
At the end of the day this censorship will only be the start of what is to come, and will affect adults too, (those with the cheapest & biggest ISP's) of course

But if no one is going to protest then they walk all over us all,(given the opportunity)
Posted by tommy45 about 1 year ago
@Dixinormous: RE isp's as i detect that you where making reference to me, It should not matter what someone pays per month for internet access, the ISP's should provide what they advertise regardless,when you say cheap what sort of price range do you regard as cheap exactly ?
Posted by drteeth about 1 year ago
I don't get my porn from web sites so do not have to prove my age. Nobody in govt has apparently heard of bit-torrent
Posted by dsf58 about 1 year ago
Spud2003: "The media - print and broadcast- let the ISP censorship brigade get away with spouting absolute tripe, claiming that it is possible to "block" content."

Now why would traditional broadcasters and the old media want to see the internet throttled?

The Cons propose this just to appease their blue rinse brigade who would not know ISPs from MSG.

Perhaps if parents are not willing to police *their* children, all homes with children should be on "kiddie-net" which blocks anything remotely adult - including scary Conservative websites!
Posted by forncett about 1 year ago
Like many other seemingly well-intentioned 'initiatives' from politicos of all hues what this is really all about is CONTROL. Orwell couldn't have conceived superior mechanisms in laying the foundations for 1984 than online shopping and social media, which are so easy to monitor (or for pros, infiltrate) while masses seem to think it's a great idea to share their private lives with the world & its STASI. Next time you use such facilities, think of all the online behaviour modelling that's going on as you click-&'s easy to see if you look & that's just the surface..
Posted by Bazzz about 1 year ago
That should cut their membership by about half Talk about shooting themselves in the foot, good ridance.
Posted by Boblo about 1 year ago
All the political parties raise this one periodically.
This is really about a) looking like they (civil servants, not elected members) are doing something; and b) Central Government's attempts to exert power and control liked they used to until the Lady Chatterley case and the resultant disbandment of the Lord Chamberlains powers in the theatre.
Anyone with any savvy will find a way round it, and that includes kids who can work the PVR better than the parents.
And, why attack Conservativism? Labour has a far worse record on restrictions and control - just look at their Communist roots.
Posted by rtho782 about 1 year ago
Comnut: Why would I need a backup policy for my steam games? If I have a failure, I just redownload them. Using raid1 or some offline backup gains me absolutely nothing.
Posted by camieabz about 1 year ago
A blue-rinse vote shoring scheme. UKIP have them worried.
Posted by chrysalis about 1 year ago
this is complete nonsense, solution is for porn providers to setup outside of the uk. giffgaff e.g. want customers to send in a full passport number over the internet to unlock censorship, no thanks.
Posted by otester about 1 year ago

They plan on blocking sites that don't comply.
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