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Poll Results: Is Government money on superfast advertising worth it?
Tuesday 24 March 2015 14:28:23 by Andrew Ferguson

We ran a poll a few weeks ago looking at what people thought of the DCMS sponsored Superfast Broadband advertising that has been doing the rounds on billboards and TV adverts.

Poll Results: What people think of DCMS Superfast Broadband Advertising
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The reaction from over 1,600 of our visitors can be seen above, and with only 14.1% giving a positive Yes response there are questions that need to asked about how useful the campaign that cost several million pounds to run was. The level of firm No responses was 61%, with 17.9% not sure and the remainder sitting in the no opinion camp.

Poll Results: Ratio of respondents saying they can get superfast at home
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We did wonder if the responses might be split based on whether people could get superfast broadband or not, hence the second question above, which then allowed us to split down the responses to the first question. For those who can get superfast broadband those who thought the money was well spent rose to 17%, and for those who cannot get superfast it dipped to 9.8%.

Poll Results: Are you using a superfast broadband service at home?
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The final question about whether you were using a superfast broadband service at home indicates that amongst our visitors take-up of superfast broadband is pretty high, which as a broadband information site is no real surprise. Cross analysing the questions indicated that 79% of those who can get superfast at home are actually using it, and while the initial opinion of our visitors was negative towards the Government policy, the fact that take-up is so high amongst a group that are very likely to be early adopters and tech-informers should be encouraging.

Reflecting the general comments that arose when the TV adverts for superfast broadband where on TV and that only 1 in 8 people think the money was well spent, if the Government and the local projects are wanting to drive take-up and convert people from ADSL or ADSL2+ to a fibre based solution then a more local campaign highlighting the actual availability in different areas might do better. The various local authority projects are undertaking various activities, other aimed at the SME sector where the day to day running of a business may mean that checking broadband availability is low on their priority list.

The theory is that the fibre based broadband roll-outs are following the pattern of the ADSL roll-outs, this should mean 2015 and 2016 will be key years as demand and as take-up increases there will be a natural fading of the ADSL and ADSL2+ products from view. It is very likely that this ten year cycle will do more for take-up than a number of generic TV adverts, which may have even been sandwiched by adverts for the commercial fibre based services anyway.


Posted by chilting over 2 years ago
The reason I voted yes to the first question, do you think it was money well spent is simple.
I believe that the only way that we are going to keep pressure on the authorities to improve broadband speeds is by ensuring that there is a high demand for the service.
Advertising should stimulate this demand.
I voted a firm no to the second question
Posted by MCM999 over 2 years ago
Ditto. Yes, No and for the exact same reason.
Posted by timandhaylea over 2 years ago
I think that the BT marketing team did all the work a couple of years ago. Almost all my customers think that Fibre means BT Infinity and they have no idea that FTTC is available from other providers.
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