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£75 voucher for those migrating to a TalkTalk broadband service
Thursday 26 February 2015 18:41:23 by Andrew Ferguson

Another set of vouchers to announce, TalkTalk now has running until 5th March 2015 £75 Love2Shop vouchers new customers who order online and are switching from BT, Sky or PlusNet. The vouchers are redeemable at various High Street stores.

The voucher is in addition to the existing half price or free offers a few of which are:

  • SimplyBroadband, £1.75 per month for six months then £3.50 per month with unlimited ADSL2+ service. No inclusive calls.
  • Unlimited Fibre Broadband, free for six months then £13.50 per month thereafter. Up to 38 Mbps downloads, up to 1.9 Mbps uploads.
  • Essentials TV with Unlimited Fibre Broadband, £4.25 per month for six months, then £18.50 per month. Inclusive evening and weekend calls. Basic YouView TV set-top box with limited pause and rewind functionality and streaming catch-up TV support.

All the TalkTalk broadband services are 18 month contracts and you need to add the cost of voice line rental at £16.70 per month or you can pay for 12 months line rental in advance thus saving £1.67 per month.


Posted by tommy45 over 2 years ago
They are a bit behind the times with their 40/2 FTTC product offering aren't they ? or do they they quite wrongly assume that upload speed isn't as important to the end user? 2mbps get real
Posted by tommy45 over 2 years ago
Not interested in the £75 voucher, or the FREE 4 6 mths offer or having my line unbundled,or their silly web filtering and race to the bottom along with BT & Sky
Posted by baby_frogmella over 2 years ago
Its called giving people a choice. For many 2mbps upload is perfectly adequate for their needs, not every Tom, Dick & Harry wants to upload 1TB files on a daily basis. Anyway TT offer the 80/20 service as well so if upload is important, then just sign up to fibre large.

As for their filtering, takes less than 30 seconds to switch it off so hardly a big deal.
Posted by tommy45 over 2 years ago
No, it's about the ISP not wanting people to use their connection hence why they aren't making offers on the 80/20 or even the 40/10 2mbps can be had on annex m for christ sake, IMO tt need to drop their stupid naming convention too
Posted by tommy45 over 2 years ago
They cant switch of the stalking that talk talk do though
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