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Price cut on Virgin Media up to 50 Mbps broadband and phone bundle
Monday 23 February 2015 09:55:56 by Andrew Ferguson

Virgin Media has launched a couple of new offers that improve on the previous reduced price offers and last for the first 12 months of service.


Posted by raytheham over 2 years ago
What about cutting the prices for long term customers then. We always seem to lose out when these offers are made. it is tempting to try and shift ISP's but the dreaded BT FTTC in this area sucks according to my neighbours...pretty jealus of my near 100mbps speed. They are lucky to get between 2 and 5 mbps!
Posted by tmcr over 2 years ago
I'd agree, I'm a VM 100 meg customer too and would welcome a rebate. But, a lot of the ISP's seem to do this now and it's the 'first six months' or whatever.
I'm past that by about 18 years :-)
Thanks to retentions/loyalty over the past few years I get my BB/phone/TV package for less than new customers pay, always worth haggling when it comes to renewal time ;-)
Posted by ian72 over 2 years ago
@raytheham I think you answered your own question. No point in giving you cheaper prices as you won't change to the alternative. Offers are to draw in or keep custom - if someone isn't going to leave then it is just throwing profit away.
Posted by longdog over 2 years ago
I used to work for Virgin. Simply wait until contract renewal time and tell them you are going to leave. They will always give you a deal then!
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