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£50 and £100 Sainsbury Gift Cards return to BT broadband products
Tuesday 10 February 2015 18:42:29 by Andrew Ferguson

For those looking to get the best value out of switching their broadband to BT Consumer on its various ADSL2+ and Infinity services then the return of the £50 and £100 Sainsbury's gift cards until 18th February will be welcomed by new customers.

The main offer with BT at this time is their up to 76 Mbps Infinity 2 service with unlimited usage at £20 per month on 12 month contract, rather than its standard £28 per month (voice line rental at £16.99 per month required). Alternatively for the same monthly cost and a £49 activation fee there is Infinity 1 (up to 38 Mbps) with a full YouView box and the TV Entertainment package for £20 per month.

If you are one of the lucky people with access to native FTTP via Openreach, then the Infinity 3 (200 Mbps) and Infinity 4 (300 Mbps) packages also qualify for the gift cards with the respective price of £39.65 and £50 per month (plus voice line rental), or if on a lower budget Infinity 1 and Infinity 2 are still available.


Posted by Saurus over 2 years ago
Very slowly but surely superfast (as opposed to "...slower than everyone else in your area...") is arriving. We went from the pink CS (coming soon) last june (2014) to the "?" in October/November. Hopefully only two more stages and we might get "AO", but I won't hold my breath!
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