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£5.1 billion splurged on Premier League TV rights
Tuesday 10 February 2015 17:28:29 by Andrew Ferguson

The amount of money BT Consumer has spent on football rights in the past has been used as a stick to beat the provider with, so the latest round Premier League rights announced this afternoon is going upset a good number of people.

Some £5.136 billion was spent on seven packages of content, five secured by Sky and the remaining two by BT Sport. This represents a large increase of £2 billion on the cost of the existing contracts and shows the degree of competition between Sky and BT to secure content that generates revenue from both sales to pubs and clubs and secures on-going subscriptions to their TV or broadband services.

Sky is saying the deal has strengthened their position with the rights to broadcast 126 live Premier League matches in the 2016/2017 to 2018/2019 seasons, and for the first time rights to Friday evening matches. The rights also stretch beyond broadcast TV to online and mobile access.

The money Sky is spending on the TV rights makes the FTTP trial they are working on in York look like small change now. Breaking the Sky dominance of sports broadcasting in the UK is seen as something that needs to be done, but given the anger expressed over the sums BT is spending to try and achieve this one wonders if BT is the vehicle to do this, and if it is not BT then who could step in?

Update 6pm The releases from BT and Sky carry more detail, namely BT will have an extra four live matches per season, 42 now at a cost of £7.26m per game, an increase of 18%. Sky is paying £1,392 million per year for access to 126 live games, which is £11m per game an increase of 83% compared to the existing contract.


Posted by Michael_Chare over 2 years ago
The politicians are often on about the redistribution of wealth, and looking for something to tax, so why don't they raise a levy on these deals? I'm looking forward to the day when I shall no longer be a direct or indirect customer of BT consumer products.
Posted by chilting over 2 years ago
Can you honestly say that day will ever come?
Posted by Michael_Chare over 2 years ago
It is an excellent of the rich getting richer at the expense of the less well-off. The season tickets are comparable to what people spend on electricity and there was a fuss about their ptices!
Posted by Saurus over 2 years ago
Why is anyone ever surprised at the gross and obscene excesses of this industry?
Let's face it 22, mostly poorly educated morons that cannot string a coherent sentence together, kicking a bag of wind around on a grass pitch don't deserve to be more highly paid than a highly qualified experienced Surgeon. Some of these idiots actually get as much in a week as aforementioned professionals get in a year! NB I'm happy with my income and don't need an obscene income to create an illusion of happiness!
Posted by ian72 over 2 years ago
It's not the players fault they are overpaid. It is this country's obsession with the game that drives the demand and the inflated pay. They are essentially celebrities and premiership players are on similar pay to film actors - it is an entertainment industry at this level, not a sport. Interestingly it is an area where competition (between Sky and BT) drives costs up rather than down.
Posted by fastman over 2 years ago
you can llu and not be that today as that is nothing to do with Consumer
Posted by adslmax over 2 years ago
I hate both BT & Sky greedy in football profitable. Sports is getting too greedy now.
Posted by rtho782 over 2 years ago
80% tax on all premier league related transactions?
Posted by michaels_perry over 2 years ago
I hope, perhaps forelornly, that non-subscribers to Sky Sports or BT Sports will not be asked to contribute to this extravagant waste of resources. I hate football so do not subscribe to either service and will refuse to contribute anything to such misguided attempts at profligate waste. League Football is now a commercial business and not a sport.
Posted by cyberdoyle over 2 years ago
All the money you pay BT for the phone bills is being wasted on this rubbish instead of upgrading the infrastructure...
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