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£35 cashback offer on Plusnet Unlimited Broadband
Wednesday 21 January 2015 15:16:56 by Andrew Ferguson

Another day, another offer, today sees PlusNet offering £35 cash back in addition to the existing offer £2.50 per month for 12 months on its ADSL2+ unlimited broadband service.

This offer is only running until 27th January, and only applies to online orders for customers new to PlusNet. The £2.50 per month on the up to 17 Mbps service is for the full minimum term of 12 months, with the standard price returning to £9.99 thereafter.

Voice line rental is a requirement at £15.95 per month, or the equivalent of £12.98 per month if you pay a full year of voice rental in advance. For those outside the PlusNet low cost areas the cash back offer and £7.49 per month saving is still available.


Posted by generallee94 over 2 years ago
Lets hope they actually pay out this cash back on time, I placed the order in November, should of had cash back by Christmas, still waiting after being told twice i should of received an email by now, the case is ongoing.
Posted by Stephenharlow over 2 years ago
Perhaps this is to try and get customers. My broadband with them has been slowed up so much it is sometimes impossible to watch streamed video. Looking forward to my contract ending as they say they cant help.
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