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£125 Sainsbury's gift cards return on BT Infinity
Tuesday 20 January 2015 09:39:18 by Andrew Ferguson

The incentives to get people to sign up to the various broadband providers have fluctuated once again. Today sees BT Consumer make available £75 and £125 Sainsbury Gift Cards for qualifying online orders placed before 28th January 2015.

The full range of BT Consumer ADSL2+ and Infinity products are in our provider listings with the 12 month contracts and special offer pricing continuing to be available, meaning for example that unlimited Infinity 1 is available for £10/month during minimum term, with voice line rental at £16.99 per month (line rental saver option available).

As with any special offer make sure to claim any of the extra incentives, which for the Sainsbury's Gift Card offer means visiting to claim the voucher once your service has gone live.


Posted by JNeuhoff over 2 years ago
BT must be really desparate, trying to find more users for its obsolete copper-wire DSL services.

Instead of wasting money on dubious voucher schemes, it would be better for them to start doing some telecom services.
Posted by GMAN99 over 2 years ago
Have you really nothing new to troll (sorry) say?
Posted by zyborg47 over 2 years ago
If they put their prices down inline with the other larger providers they may do better. If you are going to charge more, then there have to be a reason to do so and Bt have not got a reason.
Posted by GMAN99 over 2 years ago
Do you mean into the gutter like TalkTalk, I don't see how having lots of ISP's charging peanuts does the future of broadband any good?
Posted by JNeuhoff over 2 years ago
@GMAN99 (aka FibreFred): The only super troll here is you who can't stand it when posters have different opinions to yours. It's bad enough to see all your BT-praising nonsense on the ISPReview forum.

Just a reminder that the vast majority in VDSL-enabled areas is NOT taking up the service, hence BT's desperate attempt to lure some more users into its half-baked services.
Posted by zyborg47 over 2 years ago
@GMAN99, BT is already in the gutter and have been for years, so paying the extra have not really done much good. I do not like Talk Talk myself, but I have seen them improve since fibre started up, but like BT, their customer service is awful. I seen BT connections worse than Talk Talk.
Posted by Blackmamba over 2 years ago
Hi Broadwatchers
At last BT has dropped its price on Customers that are getting under 15 meg over a mile down thus effecting the x talk on FTTC by pricing steps if they went further say 10 down it would improve even more.
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