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Gigabit from Hyperoptic goes live in Manchester
Friday 19 December 2014 09:33:17 by Andrew Ferguson

The Hyperoptic footprint is growing and Greater Manchester is the latest area to see its gigabit network go live. Sovereign Point and Imperial Point (Salford Quays) are now live with residents able to place orders for the up to 1 Gbps service.

"Manchester and Salford have long been on the map for their creative digital scene, but dire broadband speeds available to many have slowed progress.

Thanks in part to our campaign to raise awareness of this problem, thousands of residents are now able to gain access to the fastest available internet speeds through Hyperoptic's industry-leading service.

We will continue to work with providers like Hyperoptic, property developers, building managers and residents themselves to rollout out genuine hyper-fast fibre optic broadband to as many residents as possible to bring Manchester and the wider city region up to speed with the broadband it deserves.

Manchester city councillor, Kevin Peel

"This area is constantly developing and there is an obligation to offer residents real technological advances to match their lifestyle demands.

The new hyper-fast connectivity is already making a practical difference to users’ online lives and adding to the value of the property for residents and owners alike."

Simon Wilson from The Emerson Group

The Emerson Group who manage the buildings seem to be one business who have got the message that good broadband is a key requirement for many people, we wish lots more developers would understand the issue, all too often we still see people moving into a new house and finding out far too late it will have poor broadband and with buyers falsely assuming that a new build property would have the latest and greatest broadband made available automatically.


Posted by fastman over 2 years ago
bit strange since imperial point has FTTC > 50 m/bps since 2012 -- you think someome would have checked
Posted by George99 over 2 years ago
How can you compare 50Mbs with 1,000Mbs?

Also - It's probably the case that HOUSES can get 50Mbs - but anyone living in apartment blocks will be stuck with ADSL?
Posted by George99 over 2 years ago
I commend Emerson Group - would you like to have a world with Red Brick Building Management as well for me please?
Posted by leexgx over 2 years ago
at least the first estate ever to have Virgin cabled to the house has been done around where i am (not sure if FTTC is there as looks like normal BT cab no FTTC box just Virgin cab and BT one),
it should be Mandalay that new estates have FTTC or/And virgin accessible (more so when your ADSL speeds are bonkers 0.6mb/s when it can even lock onto the signal) luckily enough where we are FTTC is now been installed even on most new estates
Posted by rian over 2 years ago
It is a bit late now when FTTC is widely available in Manchester area. Checked the 100Mbps option + phone cost pretty much the same or a little expensive (37.5GBP), don't forget to include the 200GBP installation cost. One thing that really worry about me, if power cut, the user won't be able to make any emergency call through their VOIP phone line network.
Posted by fastman over 2 years ago
to be clear its will br 1 gigs at the building spread between the flats its wont be 1 gigs into each flact -- so FTTC outide a block is 1 gig to the cab then Coppper to the premises and openreach manage the service provder Huperoptic will be 1 git to the building but not copper and no service choice

Posted by fastman over 2 years ago
george 99 drop email to openreach see rural broadband not a plan --
Posted by fastman over 2 years ago
george that if that cab is close to the block it will be a good speed in those flats
Posted by fastman over 2 years ago
leedxgx i agree but is not mandatory and only obligaion is to provide voice
Posted by George99 over 2 years ago
@Fastman The local cab is under review ....and has been for two years thus far.
Posted by fastman over 2 years ago
george drop me a pm at Fastman2
Posted by cisco_kid over 2 years ago
fastman, it is not unusual for Hyperoptic to gain presence in a multi-tenanted building where FTTC is available. ECI cabs are in the City Centre/Salford Quays/East Trafford area. Hence only 128 connections available. Some apartment blocks/developments have well in excess of 128 properties. My development in Castlefield has 439 properties served by one ECI128.

Secondly, Hyperoptic connections to individual flats are OFTEN copper (CAT5/6) Ethernet connections :) if they are within distance limits for Ethernet, not fibre!
Posted by cisco_kid over 2 years ago
rian, you make inaccurate statements. FTTC may be widely available in the "Manchester" area, however it is NOT in the Greater Manchester area, particularly in the City Centre (covering both Blackfriars and Manchester Central exchanges) FTTC availability is sparse to say the least!!!!
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