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Voice line rental rises to £16.99 at Virgin Media
Monday 24 November 2014 14:09:49 by Andrew Ferguson

The pattern of voice line rental increases continues now that Virgin Media has officially updated to show its voice line rental at £16.99 per month. This price matches the rise at BT Consumer that will take effect at the start of December 2014. The prices of various other packages have changed and we have therefore updated our Virgin Media package listings.

Notifications to existing customers should have already started going out and if they are in a contract the price rises will allow them to exit a contract, but for those where Virgin Media is the only superfast broadband option it may be a case of having to put up with the price rise.

With Virgin Media it is possible to avoid the shackle of voice line rental, as they do sell three broadband only packages at £28.50, £33.50 and £41 (50 Mbps, 100 Mbps and 152 Mbps) with the two faster services qualifying for free set-up usually £49.95.


Posted by markieb over 2 years ago
And you also get about 3 price increases a year on their broadband only option. They scr*w you either way.
Posted by baby_frogmella over 2 years ago
If like TalkTalk they were investing in their network then perhaps folk wouldn't mind the increases but the fact that they throttle, are heavily congested in many areas and new VM areas are as rare as hen's teeth suggests they are taking the Pee.
Posted by block860 over 2 years ago
they cant invest as they are in debt!
Posted by block860 over 2 years ago
aol was awesome (won award yr after yr) then talktalk took over and gave rubbish customer service,(talktalk won many awards for this) rubbish over utilised internet then raked in as much cash as they could so they are now able to invest.. complain to virgin and they will give you a refund but talktalk tell you its your problem with your phone line but they will send an engineer and charge you £120 if its not talktalk fault.. no thanks i would tether with my galaxy s4 than use talktalk
Posted by zyborg47 over 2 years ago
Talk Talk don't have a network, they piggy back on BT. Ok so they got some equipment in the exchanges but that is it.
I did hear that they are doing something with another company and going into super fibre, but still no excuse to put prices up and it is not really investment, only for Talk Talk.

Posted by baby_frogmella over 2 years ago
TalkTalk have their own network, independent of BT wholesale:

Some ISP's (eg AAISP) prefer using TalkTalk's network rather than BT's for ADSL2+ services...cheaper than BT and good as (if not better) than BT.
Posted by tmcr over 2 years ago
Avoid line rental ? That's a con. Monthly cost of 50Mb is £12.00 + £16.99 line rental = £28.99, or without line rental is £28.50, saving a whopping 49p. No explanation why it's over double the price if you don't pay line rental, which you don't need to have cable.
Why is this topic full of TalkTalk stuff ?
Posted by markieb over 2 years ago
Exactly, total con and quite disgusting since Virgin try to push the fact that you don't need to pay line rental to have their fast broadband.
Posted by stator over 2 years ago
It's time for an official investigation into the lack of competition in land line rental. Someone needs to convince Which or Consumer Focus to make a Super Complaint
Posted by csimon over 2 years ago
1/12/14: "Why are people charged for 'landline rental'?"

Ofcom say ""We expect all providers to present tariff information clearly & transparently to help customers make informed choices. There is no suggestion that any provider has failed to do so."

Wake up Ofcom. Increases are in the order of £1 each time, every year, sometimes more frequent, globally across all companies.The differences between them is pence.Competition is not working,there is no real choice.Just because the company states clearly their line rental price doesn't mean it's justified.
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