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£5 fibre based broadband offer from TalkTalk
Saturday 22 November 2014 10:47:40 by Andrew Ferguson

TalkTalk is keen to promote the simple fact that the FTTC fibre based broadband services are not just available from BT under the Infinity banner and a clear way to do this is keep appearing at the top of tables of offers and the new £5 per month for the first year on its up to 38 Mbps service is doing just that.

Update Monday 24th November: The Love2Shop vouchers have returned to TalkTalk with a value of £100 on qualifying products and run for ten days until 4th December 2014. The voucher in conjunction with the fibre offer means over the 18 month contract term the price works out at £18.98 per month and that includes the voice line rental. This means that fibre services are now cheaper than the original TalkTalk product launched in 2006 once special offers are exploited.

The TalkTalk up to 38 Mbps download (up to 2 Mbps upload) fibre based service is usually £13.50 per month, but for the first 12 months of the 18 month contract if you signup online you can get it for £5 a month. Voice line rental at £16.70 is required (reduces to £14.35 if you pay annually) and the offer ends on 11th December 2014.


Posted by TheEulerID over 2 years ago
Strong promotions and marketing is required to get FTTC penetration high. If this is done, I'd anticipate that there's room for wholesale price cuts as BT's break-even calculations are based on fairly conservative assumptions (and FTTC viability is very sensitive to take-up).
Once FTTC penetration reaches a high enough level, we can anticipate Ofcom regulating the price. Their current regulatory forbearance has a limited time span. I'm sure BT management will have anticipated this.

(nb. subtly different issue to the current "margin squeeze" investigation).
Posted by comnut over 2 years ago
sorry, but Talk Talk has a bad enough reputation...
Just another 'sucker catch' to trap them into a contract...

how about a contract similar to many Cellphone ones - monthly contract, leave ANY time you want , NO PENALTY if you leave at the end of ANY month... I know many that ARE paying £30 for Cell - do this on LANDLINE, and see how good the service *really* is, by how many cancel after a month... far better than dubious market research...
Posted by asylum_seeker over 2 years ago
WHY do people HAVE to capitalise nearly EVERY word? Do they THINK that SOME of us are STUPID?
Posted by Blackmamba over 2 years ago
Hi broadband Watchers.
It should state for Talktalk up to 20 mb download with a 2 meg upload which would not be classed as SFB thus speed on post code would be low on Thinkbroadband map if recorded.
Posted by MCM999 over 2 years ago
@Blackmamba What are you blathering about? The product is sold as "up to 38Mbps" like many other FTTC products. Where a user reports a speed of 20Mbps down it will be recorded in the same way as a user on any other ISP with a similar speed.
Posted by professor973 over 2 years ago
Works out at £24.54 per month over 18 months tie-in, plus add-ons such as caller display etc. Not that cheap for such a poor upload which is the only real advantage of fiber for someone on a decent ADSL2+ speed.
Posted by Blackmamba over 2 years ago
Hi 999
Thanks for your reply that a customer taking the 20/2 product what ever position eg Post Code on a FTTC would not be classed as SFB and it's speeds would be lower than 20 meg down on any Post Code off that CAB.
Posted by zyborg47 over 2 years ago
Yeh the upload is awful and sibnc eI would get about 25 Mb/s dowbnload here, which is only 15 more than I get with the service I have got. The only advantage for me really is that it will work out a fiver less per month than what I am paying now over 18 months.

As someone else put, TT have a history, which puts me off, even if I do know someone who is getting good service from them, I know more that are not.

Posted by NetGuy over 2 years ago
@professor973 - I feel sure there are plenty of families in areas with download speeds of 5 to 15 Mbps who would be very happy to be able to get 25 to 35 Mbps so streaming video (YouTube, Netflix, LoveFilm, NowTv, etc) would not be buffering if several were active at once.

I really doubt that allthat many care as much about upload speed unless they want to run their own webcam chats, broadcast an 'internet radio' station, or similar.

I get ~10 Mbps d/l speed, so this is tempting, but depends what they would charge for a new line.
Posted by comnut over 2 years ago
dont get me started!!! My club is using 'up to 20 Meg' but is only getting 0.2Meg!!!! :(

The worst part, is the club sec is no longer managing it, it has been given to the oner of the premises, that we rarely ever see...
Posted by baby_frogmella over 2 years ago
Hi Black
What are you on about "20/2 product"? TT sell the up to 40/2 product with speeds being dependant on distance to cabinet.
Posted by TheEulerID over 2 years ago

Well, maybe, but there are an awful lot of people that don't get a decent ADSL2+ speed sufficient for things like streaming a couple of HD channels (or even 1). Not everybody uploads videos or large numbers of high resolution photos. So I suspect it meeds a need for some people. In any event, it's a marker. People can decide.
Posted by Blackmamba over 2 years ago
Hi Babe
There are many customers on FTTC who have ordered up to 40/10 and are paying for it but have been placed on banding and are receiving 20/2 please remember all ports are at the same price.
Posted by themanstan over 2 years ago

No price reductions should not regulated as uptake increases, it should be that as take up reaches certain points then a proportion of revenue goes into infrastructure upgrades for proper FTTP/H/B.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 2 years ago
@Blackmamba if that was the case then it would show up on the speed profile plots we do see

The limit of the up to 38 Mbps product is clearly visible on the BT service, and a 20 Meg capped product would show up in a similar fashion.

If you think is this affecting a particular provider than I can pull and publish their speed profile, we have put the PlusNet ones onto our twitter @thinkbroadband
Posted by TheEulerID over 2 years ago

Not a bad idea, but of course that's still a regulatory decision. It's not clear if Ofcom would have the power to dictate how any surplus is spent, but it's possible that an agreement could be met.
However, there's another issue. If Ofcom decided to allow what might be considered excess profits, it might be challengeable under state aid rules, even if it helped fund FTTP...
Posted by Blackmamba over 2 years ago
Hi Andrew staff
Many thanks for your reply, and placing the PLusNet results on Thinkbroadband I have had no problems with BT ISP and there advertising.
Posted by MCM999 over 2 years ago
@Blackmamba Regrettably you continue to post drivel. Talk Talk is not marketing a 20/2 product. Your posts might just make sense if you were to read other posts before commenting.
Posted by themanstan over 2 years ago
Why would it be state aid if no funds from the state were used?
Posted by TheEulerID over 2 years ago
Because it might be considered that a company with what's called Significant Market Power (SMP) was being allowed to make excessive profits and subsidise another product. It's not really an issue now as FTTC hasn't yet reached the sort of penetration rate required. However, if it heads towards 40% or more, then it would.

It's an arcane issue, but one that other operators will be looking out for.
Posted by paul_liverpoolfc over 2 years ago
Still waiting for Talk Talk to bring their fibre to our local exchange 3 or 4 months after fibre and my cabinet went live in my village as part of a County-wide project.
Posted by Dasheroo over 2 years ago
Tried it. Up to 38 has never been less than 37.4. Rather unexpected from TalkTalk.
Posted by bicbasher over 2 years ago
Their ADSL2 product isn't too bad either. I get 16.5 which is advertised as up to 17. Upload is dire though peaking at 0.89.

Posted by NetGuy over 2 years ago
@Andrew - 'we have put the PlusNet ones onto our twitter @thinkbroadband' - lucky for me that I saw this topic and your comment. Don't follow Twitter and saw no comment to that effect on the blog. Anyway, thanks for pulling out the info and posting it online. PeterM.
Posted by NetGuy over 2 years ago
@bicbasher - "Upload is dire though peaking at 0.89" - was that tongue in cheek or what speed were you expecting / promised hoping for, on upload?

880 kbps is a fairly common upload speed, isn't it, for ADSL variants. I know some can offer 2.5 Mbps but normally on more costly services.
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