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Free Wi-Fi for Tesco stores and Eds Easy Diner
Wednesday 19 November 2014 13:46:47 by Andrew Ferguson

Hands up if you have ever used your mobile phone to a price comparison when out shopping? Well Tesco is hoping that if people do this they will find the price or convenience ensures that sales volumes are not affected as they have announced the signing of a deal with BT to supply up to 76 Mbps free Wi-Fi speeds in 806 Tesco Extra and Superstores in the UK.

Another smaller deal has been announced The Cloud who are to supply Eds Easy Diner with free Wi-Fi at 34 locations, the advantage is that it means people can more easily sign-up to the loyalty club and fingers crossed people who stay longer might be tempted by another shake or dessert.

Don't forget you can test the speed of the various free Wi-Fi networks using our speed test that will run on your tablet or phone without the need to install an app. Feel free to tweet us the results and store name/location.


Posted by ahockings over 2 years ago
Don't need it.
Was in Ed's Diner in Drake Circus (Plymouth) the other day.
Had 62Mbps EE4G on iPhone 6. : )
Posted by prlzx over 2 years ago
It's a press release so as expected takes a page to say "putting a BT business broadband router into a shop",
but hopefully will involve additional access points carefully planned for the larger stores, (where I'd wonder why they don't already have a managed AP network that can support 2+ VLANs).
Posted by tmcr over 2 years ago
Our Tesco was supposed to have wifi last year, but then it simply did not work. You had to register, via your clubcard number. I was supposed to use it for an in-store shopping survey. It didn't work. Pity I couldn't record that on the survey - about my shopping experience at Tesco.
Posted by JHo1 over 2 years ago
There are some strange definitions of "free". In Costa Coffee their "free" wifi (via O2 iirc) wanted my name, postal address, email address, dob and maybe more, can't remember now. No chance. I'll sit in a window seat and use my wireless connection or wait until I get outside. In fact I don't go into CC any more. I don't understand the "look at me I'm in an episode of Friends" mind-set.
Posted by chefbyte over 2 years ago
Been using Tesco free wireless in our store for ages, as Im an agile worker i sometimes sit in the cafe for an hour and do work
Posted by StevenageNeil over 2 years ago
" Im an agile worker i sometimes sit in.." - doesn't compute!
Posted by generallee94 over 2 years ago
cool was only last night I was in Tesco with no signal and missing emails and messages, I welcome this news!
Posted by Desmond over 2 years ago
The question is whether there will be any customers left shopping in Tesco to use it.
Posted by mitchja over 2 years ago
ADSA have have WiFi for ages..welcomes to 2014 Tesco
Posted by omnius over 2 years ago
the asda here wants your postcode and phone number before you can log in. wonder how much data tesco will want in exchange for this super speed service.
Posted by brandscill over 2 years ago
Haven't tesco had wifi in their stores for a while now? I admit the Broadbridge Heath store certainly isn't anywhere near 76mbps, more like 2mbps but is does work.

Used to like the cloud and their app always signed me in automatically but it stopped working a few months back and then because more of a nuscience
Posted by brandscill over 2 years ago
@Ominous you need to be a clubcard member at present so all those details
Posted by bicbasher over 2 years ago
My local Tesco Extra already has the wi-fi installed, but couldn't even access the log in page.

If you're a VM customer, if you download their wi-fi buddy app, you don't have to register to access The Cloud hotspots.
Posted by joe_pineapples over 2 years ago
Great, now I can check on the spot for any of those Tesco 'instore' only hotdeals that are always full price at my local one. One day I'll take a flock of Geese with me to release inside the shop and help myself while the staff are distracted. :).
Posted by astateoftrance over 2 years ago
Tesco have had free Wi-FI (log in with clubcard) for a long time so guess this is more to do with upgrading the speed?

@Desmond - funny, but, Tesco still are the number one grocery store with 28% of the market share. Asda sitting in second place at 17 %.
Posted by bsod over 2 years ago
The wifi is now just tick the box to accept the T&Cs and connect (the way it should be!) rather than enter your clubcard or enter all your details and tell your life story for 15 mins of trial access if you don't have a clubcard.
Posted by dsf58 over 2 years ago
How much will they use this to track you around the store? Nothing is "free".

Posted by dsf58 over 2 years ago
From BT PR:
"Research** carried out by BT, ... shows that 44 per cent of people use wi-fi in shops to browse items or compare prices."

Never! Corp-Spin! Do 44% of people know how to use wi-fi? 44% of the minuscule number who use wi-fi might browse items etc.

Posted by francisuk20 over 2 years ago
I did a speedtest in the borehamwood store and i was getting 65mbps and 4mbps upload, There IP traces back to Cisco scansafe AS Info AS25605 so no idea if they partnered with Cisco?
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