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1000 Mbps for villages in Northamptonshire
Thursday 16 October 2014 14:33:45 by Andrew Ferguson

Gigaclear is continuing to expand and has announced plans to roll-out its Gigabit fibre service in a number of Northamptonshire villages. The first of the 5,000 premises are likely to be in West Haddon or King's Cliffe with both currently having an order level of 80%. Network construction will commence once the pre-order level hits 100% which is likely to be autumn 2014.

"Work, rest and play in Northamptonshire will now come at Gigabit speeds. Gigaclear is going to transform the connected lives of members of Northamptonshire communities as we have done in other counties with our ultrafast pure fibre broadband, putting these homes and businesses into the best-connected 1% worldwide."

Matthew Hare, Chief Executive, Gigaclear

The areas of Coton, Guilsborough and Ravensthorpe near to West Haddon will follow the initial roll-out. Apethorpe near King's Cliffe is also likely to be a follow on area. Croughton is also mentioned though this seems to be an area some distance away from West Haddon and King's Cliffe. In all the areas current speeds seem to be in the 2 to 5 Mbps region, so a reliably fast service is likely to prove popular.

The method of collecting pre-orders has worked very well for Gigaclear so far, with 25 villages live and 50 in the build phase. Services start at £37 per month (no voice line rental requirement) for a 50 Mbps symmetric service, rising to £69 per month for a full Gigabit service.


Posted by ian72 over 3 years ago
Am I reading that correctly that they have to have 100% of pre-orders before they will install? So, if a single person decides they don't want it then it doesn't get deployed to anyone?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
Believe the 100% bar is set below the actual number of premises in the area, its more about hitting the level required based on the maths for each area.

Doing it on a percentage basis helps to hide the economics from competitors.
Posted by mbuckingham over 3 years ago
The trigger level is usually about 30% of the properties. So currently the villages are at 80% of 30%. In other words about 24% will have signed up already.

We got Gigaclear earlier this year and it has transformed the way we can use the internet. We were getting 0.7Mbs over the old copper wires. With the new fibre to the house the last time I checked it was over 700Mbs.
Posted by 69bertie over 3 years ago
700Mbs........... They could come to rural Lincolnshire any time and I'd sign up there and then.
Posted by Michael_Chare over 3 years ago
It is now 1 year since our local order target was achieved, and I now will not be surprised if I don't get a service within 2 years of when I placed an order.
Posted by mdar5 over 3 years ago
What on earth has been going on then!
GC from what I've seen in Oxfordshire move pretty swiftly
Have there been "difficulties" encountered either with routes/wayleaves or with awkward people/local council?
Posted by Michael_Chare over 3 years ago
They did not get a wayleave for the ground on which the first cabinet is sited. Then they had to replace the first cable laying contractor because they were not compressing the ground properly before laying new tarmac (AIUI) Work with the new contractor is now progressing
Posted by step4en over 3 years ago
I live in Aynho - which this article relates to. Croughton & Aynho are one project where Gigaclear have just started to takes expressions of interest - we need 30% of the household to sign up. Then they move to the sales phase - again 30% required to place an order - and then they install FTTP to all properties in the villages. If all goes to plan we will be live by mid 2015 and can ditch the poor service BT gives us! Whats more there is no BDUK funding - it is purely a commercial. 2 months ago I had not heard of Gigaclear!
Posted by Michael_Chare over 3 years ago
Getting 30% to place an order is quite a challenge. Quite likely you will need someone with marketing skills to visit every uncommitted household. (IME)
Posted by AndrueC over 3 years ago
@step4en: I drive through Aynho a lot and a few weeks back it looked like contractors were putting in cabling all along the main street. For some reason I remember thinking it was BT installing cabinets.
Posted by AndrueC over 3 years ago
..and as for Croughton getting 1Gb/s - they'd better keep that one quiet. There's a few thousand of us a couple of miles away that might be annoyed about that :)

Mind you, could be worse. It could be Halse getting it next, lol.
Posted by Tallington1 over 3 years ago
Message for 69bertie. Where are you?
We have got them coming to rural Lincolnshire! Tallington in South Kesteven is part of the Gigaclear Peterborough Vale project which is nearing the 60% mark in getting orders from the local 9 villages. Expected to go live in Ufford, Peterborough by December! What a Xmas present! Ken
Posted by herdwick over 3 years ago
One week on and Kings Cliffe is still at 80%, or at least one bit of it. They had to split it in two as Persimmon Homes were declining to engage on a new housing estate which reduces the potential customers short term.
Posted by step4en over 2 years ago
@AndrueC The works you saw in Aynho were the burying of electricity lines underground. For me the Gigaclear initiative will allow us to have FTTP connection which is fit for 21st century. Broadband in my view is now like a gas or water utility and is essential. As a village we have already got to 65% of the sign up target of interest in just over 3 weeks. Once we reach our 30% 'registered interest' target Gigaclear will stat to take orders and now have a dedicated sales team who will visit the village to undertake this process.
Posted by step4en over 2 years ago
Croughton & Aynho have shown there is sufficient level of interest and Gigaclear have started taking orders as of 20 Nov. If all goes well we should be live by June 2015.
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