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Voice line rental increase on the way from Sky
Friday 10 October 2014 11:03:43 by Andrew Ferguson

Sky has added a footnote warning to its broadband package listings, to forewarn customers that on 1st December 2014 they are planning to increase the cost of voice line rental. The price rise is capped, as we are told it will be lower in price than the standard BT Consumer line rental of £16.99 per month, but as yet no indication of how much cheaper.

In other news Sky has rejigged its broadband offers once again, the free unlimited ASDL2+ packages are now only available to those who sign up to a Sky Movies/Sports or Complete TV bundle. The six months of free fibre based broadband offer continues. The main broadband offer is 12 months ADSL2+ for £3.75 per month, returning to the standard £7.50 after the minimum term.

The big offer is in the TV/broadband and phone bundles, with a large £100 reward in the form of a Tesco gift card, M&S voucher or a pre-paid MasterCard. Alternatively people can choose an LG NB3540 sound bar and wireless bluetooth subwoofer that retails for around £200 to £229 to add 320W of sound to an existing TV.

The price of the 12 month bundles of broadband and NOW TV have quietly reduced in price, to £10/month for an unlimited ADSL2+ service and Entertainment or Movies pass. A combination pack with broadband and both sets of passes retails for £15/month for 12 months.


Posted by adslmax over 3 years ago
Ofcom should BANNED all line rental increase. Because it very selfish to put up rising line rental the same way as road tax, water rent, gas and electricity. RIP OFF UK. FED UP WITH IT.
Posted by snadge over 3 years ago
totally agree with adslmax above.. sky seem to put it up every 6 months and at this rate in 12 months it will be a £20 affair.. im glad FTTC is on its way so I can move from sky!
Posted by Croft12 over 3 years ago
cobblers. You'd be cutting the amount paid in real terms each year if you did and the cost of the network couldn't possibly sustain them.
Posted by TheEulerID over 3 years ago
It's just another example of an SP using increased line rental costs to keep the headline price of broadband down.

It's about time the ASA did something about this. Headlining the BB cost and consigning the lien rental element to the small print is misleading. What should be headlined clearly is the total package cost.
Posted by scotty0026 over 3 years ago
Does this mean if they bump the prices up we can leave the contract ?
Posted by StevenageNeil over 3 years ago
These comments bewilder me, that a £1.50/mo price rise could cause so much grief. What can anybody get for |£1.50 nowadays?
adslmax pays more than that a month in electricity, just continually checking his Internet speeds and Line Statistics 24/7.
Posted by adslmax over 3 years ago
That's load of rubbish. I pay electricity bill no more than £24 a month!
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
Who said its a £1.50 price rise, might be less. All we know is it will be less than £16.99 at the end of the day.

On the contract, depends on if they just do the change for new customers, i.e. those who signed up once the warning was made and keep existing customers on the old price until their minimum term is up. Need to wait and see.
Posted by _Resonance_ over 3 years ago
@StevenageNeil Taken in isolation (one rise) then it's not really a problem. However there have been inflation busting price rises on line rental for some time now. Not many years ago I was paying £9 odd.
Posted by mdar5 over 3 years ago
In 2004 it was around £9
I usually reckon on prices doubling every 10 years taking into account inflation and just general rises so that means by now we should be looking at £18/month
So its all in the right ballpark as the saying goes.
Posted by StevenageNeil over 3 years ago
@Resonance I am old enough to remember when having a phone was considered a luxury and the costs of calls so high that one only used it in dire circumstances.
Today I pay Sky for Line Rental and an additional £5/mo for unlimited calls to most of the civilised world, including mobiles in the US and Canada - approx £20/mo.
I'll bet that most of those complaining about a £1.50/mo increase in Line Rental think nothing of paying £30/mo for their mobiles .....
Posted by TheEulerID over 3 years ago
Another point that people tend to forget is that, at one time, call revenues were high and subsidised the line rental element. These days, call revenues are much, much lower and inevitably this means that the fixed element goes up to partially compensate.

My objection is just to the lack of clarity in package prices.

Yes, and back in the past, call prices were eye watering.
Posted by _Resonance_ over 3 years ago
@StevenageNeil Well yes, but when you pay £30/month for a mobile contract they usually throw in a £500 phone.

You're right though, if you make lots of UK/international calls then things are cheap in comparison to years gone by. Unfortunately I make exactly zero chargeable calls.
Posted by StevenageNeil over 3 years ago
£1.50/mo = £18/yr = 35p/wk

Why all the fuss?
Posted by fabrettitd over 3 years ago
wholesale cost is under £10..
Posted by zyborg47 over 3 years ago
The problem is that Line rental is over priced as it is and adding more to it makes it more over priced. If all you do is use the line for broadband then it is what makes up the bulk of the cost. Certainly a rip off.
Posted by NilSatisOptimum over 3 years ago
Can they announce the exact price rise the night before the 1st or is there a period of notice they have to adhere too?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
There should be a 30 day notice period if it applies to existing customers.
Posted by NilSatisOptimum over 3 years ago
OK, thankyou Andrew.
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