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Cabinet Century for Shropshire but more needed
Monday 06 October 2014 10:26:18 by Andrew Ferguson

The BDUK projects are often criticised project both in terms of whether it will deliver and also over the time scales involved, so it was interesting to look at our speed test data for the county of Shropshire, which if we just looked at averages we would say that the 100 cabinets across the county have made no difference.

The project to bring superfast broadband to 93% of premises is a massive undertaking, so milestones like the 100th cabinet to go live in Shropshire is an important one. Our speeds test over the last 18 months in the county is shown below.

Period Median Download Median Upload Download Speed of Top 25% %'age of Superfast Tests %'age of Tests below 2 Mbps
Q1 2013 6.1 Mbps 0.53 Mbps 11.4 Mbps 4.2% 21%
Q2 2013 4.8 Mbps 0.62 Mbps 12.9 Mbps 8.1% 23.7%
Q3 2013 5 Mbps 0.53 Mbps 10.8 Mbps 8% 23.6%
Q4 2013 6.4 Mbps 0.69 Mbps 15 Mbps 10.4% 19.6%
Q1 2014 5.9 Mbps 0.66 Mbps 16 Mbps 13% 15.7%
Q2 2014 6.4 Mbps 0.77 Mbps 17.7 Mbps 14.5% 19.4%
Jul/Aug 2014 5.9 Mbps 0.72 Mbps 15.2 Mbps 12.6% 20.2%

As you can see the median results are almost unchanged, but there are signs of more superfast services appearing and hopefully in the next few quarters we might see some dramatic changes in the median as cabinet based services become more widely available. Our best estimate for fibre based coverage of the county in mid September was 52%, with 85% of those people able to get super fast broadband (30 Mbps or faster) and 1% able to order an FTTP based service. The figures exclude Telford and Wrekin that is a council in its own right and has a much higher median of 19.3 Mbps.

The scale of the work needed is clearly illustrated by these figures and also why there are so many voices from places like Shropshire complaining of slow speeds still.


Posted by TheEulerID over 2 years ago
I can only think that the fact the increase in "superfast" results is not matched by a decrease in sub 2Mbps results means that either there is very little take-up by those with very slow lines (seems unlikely) or that the cabinets installed so far haven't generally helped those with the worst services.
Most likely, the cabinets have helped those with decent, but nor stellar performance. Maybe the picture will change as the project deals with the more remote areas.
Posted by WWWombat over 2 years ago
Shropshire, without Telford+Wrekin, seems to have around 80,000 properties in the intervention area, and are targeting around 75,000 in this phase.

The 100 cabinets appear to hit "over 20,000" premises - just over 25% of the intervention area.

So definitely still a way to go with this project.
Posted by Blackmamba over 2 years ago
Hi A/S
Please can you confirm that you are dropping off Thinkbroadband maps results at 90 or 180 days as some results seem to be lingering at certain post codes.
Posted by Blackmamba over 2 years ago
Hi A/S as you have not returned I will take the results at 180 days this confirms my findings.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 2 years ago
It should be 90 days, have confirmed this previously too.

Posted by Blackmamba over 2 years ago
Hi A/S thanks for your reply.
Posted by Cyberpurple over 2 years ago
I can verify speeds are rubbish as I live in Shropshire. I'm with TalkTalk Business getting speeds of 2.14 compared to 6 when I was with Freedom2Surf who were taken over by TalkTalk.
Posted by Blackmamba over 2 years ago
Hi Cy. When you were with Freedom2Surf I expect you were routed over old BTcn20 but as you are a Talktalk customer now you are routed over their Equiptment and being slowed down.
Posted by rwedlake0 over 2 years ago
How things can vary! I also live in Shropshire (Shrewsbury) and regularly have a 37 Mbps download and 8.3 Mbps upload from the FTTC cabinet which is approx. 400 yards from my house. I use Zen as my broadband provider and cannot rate them highly enough.
Posted by DallasDad over 2 years ago
Where I live just outside of Ellesmere I believe we are on the FTTC schedule for end of 2015. Meanwhile I work from home (in IT, So for years I used a dial up connection then luxury 2MB ADSL arrived afew years ago! I have good connectivity I live very close to my local exchange -approx. 400M and we now have a consistent 8MB at the moment. I look forward to the next incarnation when it arrives but like everything IT wise it is only 'faster' for a limited moment in time, we will soon get used to the higher speed and simply just consume more on demand or whatever over it :)

Posted by DallasDad over 2 years ago
What I am interested in discovering is once FTTC is in place will I have more freedom of choice from a provided pov? At the moment I am tied to BT for line rental @£15 a month £28 to Xilo for my business broadband connection £30 an month to $ky. I really am looking forward to saving a bit of money by going to one provider for TV Phone Broadband if poss. is that going to happen over FTTC?
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