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Fujitsu appointed partner to build York FTTP network
Wednesday 24 September 2014 09:31:33 by Andrew Ferguson

The joint venture between CityFibre, Sky and TalkTalk is moving forward and a name familiar to long time followers of the Digital Britain story will recognise Fujitsu who at one time were the big name competitor to BT in the BDUK scheme.

The venture that plans to take FTTH to some 20,000 homes in York in its first phase has appointed Fujitsu as the firm to build the FTTP network offering up to 1000 Mbps to homes and probably options to take services like Sky TV without the need for a Sky dish.

Fujitsu are not strangers to York having constructed some 103km of fibre network across the city that CityFibre is using to sell services to the council and businesses in the area. The partnership means that Fujitsu will carry out the network planning, network construction and testing for the network.

If CityFibre and Fujitsu had managed to pull off a few projects to the scale of what is planned in York four years ago, then it is likely that the BDUK contracts would have turned out different, as a massive advantage the BT Group had was the ability to show the scale of the network build they have been undertaking since 2009.

The question now is which bits of York will be the first to see the roll-out, and how cheap will the service have to be to tempt people away from Virgin Media and the various FTTC (and a little existing Openreach FTTP) in the city. As things stood last week we calculated that 84% of York households have access to a fibre based service (70,000 out of 84,000 homes) and 62,800 (89.7%) can get a superfast service over the Openreach FTTC/FTTP networks.


Posted by phil_cooke over 3 years ago
I'll watch with interest, but due to the records of these companies on various fronts, I won't be signing up out of principle.
Posted by cyberdoyle over 3 years ago
Good luck to them - there is no comparison between copper and fibre and it is where the funding should have gone in the first place if the old telco lobby hadn't bamboozled the dinosaur civil servants with their hype. 'Having access to a fibre based network' is another example of hype. Dial up is fibre based. And having access mean's Jack if all you get is 5 Mbps
Posted by GMAN99 over 3 years ago
Dial up is fibre based?

Back to sowing seeds in fields I guess... stick to what you are good at (assuming you are good at that?)
Posted by alexatkinuk over 3 years ago
Dial up IS as much fibre based as VDSL2. Because in both cases the fibre is the backhaul not the connection to the customer.

They should never have been allowed to refer to VDSL as fibre broadband, its totally misleading and will make REAL fibre broadband harder to sell when the time comes as people will not understand the difference.
Posted by GMAN99 over 3 years ago
Oh dear

Back haul is irrelevant , you are not buying a backhaul service you are buying a product from the pop/exchange to your home , any fibre on dial up for that ?

Posted by FTTH over 3 years ago
In fairness,
alexatkinuk is right, BT have stirred confusion with misdirection marketing.

Hopefully VM, SKY, TalkTalk, Gigaclear, Hyperoptic and of course CityFibre start to educate through marketing ;)

Posted by GMAN99 over 2 years ago
In fairness he couldn't be more technically wrong.

Dial up is not a fibre product anyone who says that just looks ridiculous, technically it is not

Marketing is a different thing , funny you mentioned vm educating they actually coined the phrase fibre broadband with their coax delivery in the first place everyone else jumped on board
Posted by JNeuhoff over 2 years ago
GMAN99: Freddy you know only too well that fibre broadband from BT or Virgin in the UK mostly isn't fibre broadband at all (unless you get BT Infinity Option 3 or 4). Your own VDSL broadband service goes over a twisted pair copper wire.

If you go by this brainwashed logic, that any form of dialup, ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL, etc is fibre-based, because it usually leads to a fibre backbone.
Posted by FTTH over 2 years ago
The last thing I want to do is to do is look ridiculous. Thanks for the heads up.

Just to clarify, Dialup will not work over fibre?

Do I need a Strowger enabled exchange?
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