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Want fibre to the home, do not forget about voice line rental
Tuesday 16 September 2014 00:25:42 by Andrew Ferguson

It seems almost too good to be true, 25 Mbps downloads and 5 Mbps uploads over a FTTH connection for £4.95 per month, but yes it is real and it is Direct Save Telecom who are retailing an IFNL FTTH service at August Park in Andover. Now the slight downside, the price list details in the small print that line rental is £14.45 per month.

Even with the cost of voice line rental, £19.40 a month for a 25 Mbps connection where the only slow down should be contention is a pretty good price point, a 100 Mbps download service works out at £39.45 per month (£25 + £14.45) or if you want the top speed a 300 Mbps download (30 Mbps upload) is available for £48.50 plus the £14.45 line rental.

With FTTH at new builds generally working out cheaper than brownfield areas one can understand what appear to be very low prices to the consumer. This in part may be because in a new build property it is easy for a switched on developer to load some of the network build cost into the price of the property. It seems fair to say that in the UK we have got used to our broadband being cheaper than a trip to a coffee shop each week, which will make the dreams of many campaigners to see millions with access to FTTH in the UK a very difficult task.

Update Thursday 18th September: Direct Save Telecom have got back to us with a wider list of areas where the service is available. It is important to state that this is for selected new build developments in the areas and we are chasing for postcode data.

Andover, Aylesbury, Bridgwater, Bristol, Corby, Dartford, Didcot, Exeter, Fleet, London, Lowestoft, Melksham, Milton Keynes, Oakham, Peterborough, Swindon, Thirsk and Worcester

Areas with new build activity where FTTH will be available


Posted by comnut over 3 years ago
lucky andover.. when will london get a similar deal?? if you are of very limited finance, it is very difficult to get a good deal (I mean *after* the cheap period!) the 'no line rental' ones work out only £6 cheaper !! :(
- and when your cheque does not come in one month, they close your service!! :(
It seems to work out better to get a pay as you go dongle, no demands for a service you almost never use...
Posted by joe_pineapples over 3 years ago
[obligatory] I wish this deal was in my area.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
Fights and attacks on others are not welcome in the comments section. Hence the removal of a number of comments where this was the case.
Posted by dsf58 over 3 years ago
"It seems fair to say that in the UK we have got used to our broadband being cheaper than a trip to a coffee shop each week"

You must have some very expensive coffee shops where you live!
Posted by n3tm4n over 3 years ago
Why does FTTH have to be tied to a voice line anyway?
If I'm not mistaken more and more people only have a phone line to facilitate copper-broadband. What's the need when you're being delivered IP to need a voice service - I'm happy just having mobile. Thanks.
Posted by leshewitt over 3 years ago
TalkTalk's monthly price for line rental plus their "Simply broadband" (no inclusive calls) is £19.45. Works out at around £4.50 a week. You wouldn't get too many coffees in Caffe Nero/Costa/Starbucks for that... :-)
Posted by leshewitt over 3 years ago
As a retired couple, we go for TalkTalk landline & broadband plus two very cheap PAYG mobiles for when we're out and about. The crap reception from the average mobile makes me reluctant to get rid of the landline and go for mobile only for voice. Also today's huge smartphones are a ridiculous size to lug around when I'm out for a run!
Posted by jessecole over 3 years ago
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Posted by jessecole over 3 years ago
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