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Free fibre based broadband for the first six months with Sky
Friday 12 September 2014 10:02:05 by Andrew Ferguson

The latest offer from Sky may be the first of the offers that will start to erode the dominance of BT Consumer in terms of the number of FTTC customers. This week has Sky offering six months free fibre based broadband, in addition to its other free broadband offers on the slower ADSL2+ services.

As with most other retailers, voice line rental is a requirement, Sky charge £15.40 per month, which includes landline calls at the weekends.

  • Fibre Unlimited, free for six months, then the standard price of £20 per month on an 18 month contract. £30 fibre activation fee applies and if a new telephone line is needed a further set-up fee of £20 may apply. Offer only available to new customers taking Sky Fibre and the telephone service. Service is an up to 38 Mbps download and up to 9.5 Mbps upload.
  • Unlimited ADSL2+ broadband, free for the first year (minimum term is 1 year) for Sky TV customers, new Sky TV customers or those ordering just the broadband and phone service. A £100 M&S voucher is extra incentive for those just ordering broadband, existing Sky TV customers get a smaller £25 voucher.

The saving of £120 compared to the standard price is slightly tempered by the introduction of a £30 fibre activation fee, though the price is still below the wholesale cost. Most Sky fibre installations are self-install with the Sky Hub and filters being posted to you.


Posted by csimon over 3 years ago
I think the fibre package (FTTC 38Mbps and line rental) amounts to £25.26 per month for an 18-month lock-in. That's much simpler, why don't they just put it that way as it would make it easier to compare packages across providers?
Posted by joe_pineapples over 3 years ago
So still slightly over Plusnet's 'everyday' price over the 18 months (£14.99 v £15.00pm), then £5 more every month after that. Failing to see the value Sky are giving with this latest offer.
Posted by chris6273 over 3 years ago
So is this an offer for just the 38Mbps package? Always thought their 76Mbps is quite expensive especially when BT are cheaper.
Posted by cyberdoyle over 3 years ago
if it was fibre broadband you wouldn't need a phone line.
Posted by herdwick over 3 years ago
@csimon They don't advertise £25.26 per month as you never pay that. Intelligent customers, comparison sites and other marketing materials can do the cost over X months comparison.
Posted by otester over 3 years ago

You get what you pay for, BT sucks for a reason.
Posted by otester over 3 years ago

A better service...
Posted by joe_pineapples over 3 years ago
@otester. That's a pretty big blanket statement, surely subject to the usual 'your mileage may vary'.
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