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£101,000 raised to allow B4YS to start linking village halls
Wednesday 03 September 2014 08:53:30 by Andrew Ferguson

The expansion of the B4RN project to the areas of Yealand, Silverdale and Storth in Lancashire is a large step closer as on the 2nd September B4YS announced it had raised the £101,000 needed for its stage one funding.

Stage One will concentrate on the construction of the core network, which is using village halls as fibre hubs and funding raising for stage two that will link individual properties to the network has started and while no exact target figure is available a similar amount compared to the first stage is expected.

This extension to the West of the M6 was already on course to clash with the Lancashire County Council project back in March of this year when it was known that two cabinets in the target area were set to get a FTTC service, it also appears another FTTP clash is on the way since cabinet 6 (Carnforth exchange) which covers some of the properties in the south of the B4YS footprint may be getting FTTP via the BDUK project.

The Battle for Dolphinholme that was effectively won by B4RN by getting to the area first has actually hidden the fact that the Lancashire project on the Forton exchange is exclusively planning to deliver FTTP and while not all Exchange Only lines will be addressed a good many will. The dispersed nature of the properties that makes FTTP attractive for B4RN appears to have made that exchange favourable for FTTP to Openreach and the council beyond any attempts at competition using public money.

If what is happening in other areas even with slower FTTC based services, the properties served by B4RN should command higher rents and sale prices, the real question is how much more value does symmetric gigabit fibre command compared to a service delivering something in the 24 to 76 Mbps range.


Posted by Blackmamba over 3 years ago
Hi Broadband watchers.
The provision of SFB does not effect the price on the house nor the rents it is the interest rate that customers are paying.As. cabs are only taking up 15% this is where it shows. I feel all EO lines will be diverted to a Old type Cab outside the Exchange land Area this is being used in Surrey.
Posted by WWWombat over 3 years ago
@BM: "The provision of SFB does not effect the price on the house nor the rents"

You are kidding, right?

We are looking at a new rental property, and we *only* care about properties that have SFB now (checked various ways) and predict minimum speeds above 50Mbps (also double-checked).

The rest are thrown out without consideration.

I can't be the only one applying similar criteria in either purchase or letting.
Posted by WWWombat over 3 years ago
On topic:
I have to applaud both B4RN and B4YS - and good luck to getting the project going.

However, I listened to Barry Forde's presentation to Storth villagers the other day, and I found it full of semi-truths and FUD over what BT would/could do (though perfectly truthful over what B4RN could do).

Why lead with scare stories over BT's potential propositions when the B4YS proposition is so compelling? Are there that many stick-in-the-mud residents who only trust BT who need to be swayed?
Posted by Blackmamba over 3 years ago
Hi Wombat
When you find your home that you require to rent or buy which ISP will you go with will it be on FTTC or FTTH when you reguire 50 meg min for your data collection.
Posted by WWWombat over 3 years ago
Ordinarily I'd stick with Plusnet. And the majority of cabinets around here are FTTC. There is *some* FTTP though.

However, choosing FTTP and sticking with Plusnet seems to be a no-no - they've stopped their FTTP trial.
Posted by Blackmamba over 3 years ago
Hi Wombat.
When you check on a post code on a rental or purchase check the 2/5 status eg Colour. RAG.
The Post Code is the selling point. (The Shop or sale point ) good hunting.
Regards. Phil40phil
Posted by fibredale over 3 years ago
Hi WWWombat, when you ask:- "Are there that many ... who only trust BT?" the answer, unfortunately, is probably yes. BT has got glossy, shiny, delivered to your door FUD off to a fine art. B4RN's JFDI, requires the slow burn of neighbours talking to one another and diggers digging to suspend the disbelief. Hundreds of kilometres of fibre are already in the ground and hundreds of people (the majority of each B4RN community), are already connected to what will be the best Hyperfast broadband in the world for the foreseeable.
Posted by fibredale over 3 years ago
Those who commit to longterm contracts for BT copper constrictions, which ever ISP is on the paperwork, will be kicking themselves! And seeing their house prices / rental values suffer compared to the B4RN powered peeps next door.
Posted by Blackmamba over 3 years ago
Hi Fibredale
There are no constrictions when a new FTTC are provided fibre nodes are fitted close to the New Cab and as for the prices for homes and rentals dropping that is a myth worst than the groundnut scheme.
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