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Free broadband offers at Sky but do not forget line rental
Friday 29 August 2014 10:10:53 by Andrew Ferguson

Sky generally changes its offers weekly, and this week brings forth a gravity defying range of offers.

Bear in mind that for any of the broadband offers voice line rental at £15.40 per month (inclusive calls to landlines at weekends) is required.

  • Free broadband for 12 months if you join Sky as a new broadband and phone customer. Includes a £100 M&S voucher and if you take the voucher and line rental into account the monthly price over the 12 months is £7.07/month. At the end of the 12 month minimum term the broadband price rises to £7.50 per month. Existing standalone Sky broadband customers who are out of contract may want to contact Sky to see if a deal can be negotiated.
  • The discount for taking Sky TV, or the penalty for not taking it depending on your viewpoint appears to have vanished for new customers, since the standard price if you take TV or don't take a TV package is £7.50 per month.
  • Existing Sky TV customers taking broadband from Sky for the first time, have a fairly standard £3.75 per month for 12 months (12 month contract) offer running, but there are hints that for those that call the number on the Sky website a better offer may be possible.
  • For those new customers taking the complete bundle of TV, broadband and phone the main offer is 25% off the price of the TV package and free broadband for 12 months and £75 of credits to your bill. This applies to the Original, Variety, Family and Movies bundles.
  • The Sports and Complete Bundle are still running with the two years free broadband offer, stacked alongside the 25% off the TV package for 12 months and £75 of credits into your Sky account.


Posted by gerry_4 over 3 years ago
These offers really annoy me as they are not available to a large number of people like myself who live in the country & don't have upgraded exchanges. We only have BT Wholesale as a supplier & so there are very few offers open to us. So we have lower speeds & have to pay more.
Posted by Kr1s69 over 3 years ago
what do you suggest? Sky stop offering deals because they don't have services in every exchange? I don't think its worth getting annoyed about, it's just a consequence of living in a rural area - some aren't commercially viable.
Posted by Ianph over 3 years ago
im paying £30.40 for 40 meg fibre, landline rental+ sky anytime UK. been on the broadband for a month now and on the 19th aug i was called with a off er for tv sky family + HD/3D sky+ HD 500gb WIFI box and free install and for that i was offered a price of *.25 for the whole 12 month TV contract well i snapped their hand off and on the 25th TV was installed so happy wife and kids lol
Posted by Ianph over 3 years ago
sorry £8.25 for the 12 months
Posted by ronb62 over 3 years ago
Posted a question re the penalty to existing cutomers on SKY webforum, 2 members have both said the £7.50 offer does not exist for new customers on "without TV" but website clearly shows otherwise- in agreement with you. To add insult to injury- new customers to this "without TV" option also get a £100 M&S voucher
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
Have those who cannot get the new price offered to sign a new minimum contract?

Posted by russellwheeler over 3 years ago
Do they still force you to use their own routers, and not give you the username/password - one very big block as to why I can't use sky (or was)
Posted by joe_pineapples over 3 years ago
And more price hikes this month for the regular shmucks to pay for all this and David Beckham's fees.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
Annual price rises have been the norm on the Sky TV packages for many years.
Posted by joe_pineapples over 3 years ago
Yes I know, though they have frozen it in the past a few times.
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