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Latest broadband and phone offers from BT
Tuesday 19 August 2014 13:24:42 by Andrew Ferguson

BT Consumer has rejigged its Sainbury's Gift Card offers with a new set of offers available until 8th September 2014.

  • ADSL2+ based services are now available on a 12 month contract, reduced from previous 18 month contract. £25 gift card.
  • Unlimited ADSL2+ available for £7.50/month during the minimum term, £16/month thereafter. Though potential to negotiate a lower price if you commit to another minimum term.
  • TV Essential with Unlimited ADSL2+ broadband, available for £13/month for the 12 month contract, then £18/month. £35 TV activation fee. £80 Sainsbury's Gift Card.
  • Infinity based services (FTTC and FTTP where available) are still on 18 month contracts, but carry an £80 gift card.

Voice line rental is required for all these services, and is £15.99 per month (includes weekend calls), or the equivalent of £13.22 is you pay annually in advance.


Posted by Apilar over 3 years ago
Do you get paid to post this promotional stuff?
Posted by StevenageNeil over 3 years ago
So, for fibre, the broadband contract is for 18 months and the Line Saver option for 12 months..........clever retention marketing........
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
No payment received to post this or any other item in the news feed.

If people sign-up via an affiliate link there may be affiliate revenue, which goes towards the costs of running the site.
Posted by Apilar over 3 years ago
Posted by astateoftrance over 3 years ago
£8 a month for unlimited broadband with a 12 month contract, good deal for a Market 1 exchange so may well switch if current provider doesn't match. cheers.
Posted by terrygoodfellow over 3 years ago
Cut the sales speil - deliver the goods!
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