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Price rises for existing Broadband Only customers at Virgin Media
Thursday 14 August 2014 11:36:43 by Andrew Ferguson

Virgin Media increased the pricing for new customers buying their cable broadband service on its own back in May 2014. At that time existing customers were not affected, but the letters are on the door mat or in the post for those who signed up before 29th May 2014, letting them know of the £1.50 per month increase (3.75% rise on the entry level service) from October 2014.

For those who are on a 50, 100 or 152 Mbps product this should mean your new price will be £26.50, £31.50 or £39 respectively. There will be others on other price points because they are on older or slower products, or have negotiated special discounts.

Customers affected have until the end of September 2014 to voice their protest and exit their contract for free, but finding a similar priced deal with the same speeds may not be easy. While the FTTC based services can often beat Virgin Media for upload and latency performance for those chasing the fastest raw download speeds the cable provider is often the fastest option.

For those who are out of contract and don't really want to change provider, consider entering into a new 12 contract as for some customers on old products this can actually reduce your monthly price. Virgin Media gain because they then have you locked into a years contract, rather than freedom to leave with 30 days notice.


Posted by adslmax over 3 years ago
That the third times virgin media put up prices within 18 months! A possible 4th coming up in May 2015!
Posted by fabrettitd over 3 years ago
only 2 days behind everyone else.
Posted by fabrettitd over 3 years ago
I'm already on £39 so I am glad my price already went up before I joined <sarky>
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
@fabrettid Was slower than usual as very busy doing the background checking on the other articles.
Posted by generallee94 over 3 years ago
Maybe this is Virgin's way of getting customers on the phone to take the newer products and upgrade their equipment so that innovation on their network can move forward easier instead of catering for old equipment and also having a good sort out on the network.
Posted by stator over 3 years ago
That's it for me, My cable is being cancelled. It's all very well comparing VM Broadband with FTTC but for old customers like me we are now paying £27.45 for a 20mbps broadband service and have no interest in higher speeds. The 10mbps service was perfectly fine. Since Libery Global took over a bad service has got even worse. Sometimes pages load slower than a 56k modem, and I'm not joking.
Letters to customer service go unnoticed.
Time to bite the bullet and get a phone line I don't need just to get ADSL
Posted by fabrettitd over 3 years ago
If it's going to help with future plans and current network upgrades that's fine. Also I tend to use it a lot so can't really complain.
Posted by simon8520 over 3 years ago
I upgraded mine to a faster package for less money monthly and saved myself £12.51 per month, it meant going into a new 12 month contract but I am not intending to switch my ISP anytime soon so that does not matter.
Posted by pgnl over 3 years ago
I have been with VM since 2001 (BB only). In May I upgraded to 100Mb/s and was told the price wouldn't go up when my existing discount ended last June. It did, so I quite rightly compained and they gave me £8 discount off £31.50 (new tarriff) for 18 months. Result! Its worth complaining or at least ringing to see if they can offer something better.
Posted by banjomike over 3 years ago
My price for 30 Mbps (broadband only, no phone or TV) has been £26.15 since September 2013. Despite the VM website saying things like "Up to 50Mb" it still is only 30Mb in this area.
Posted by MacMuser over 3 years ago
We are on the 152Mbps service and use it mainly in the daytime. Then a fast server like Apple or Microsoft, streams at up to 20MBps, faster than advertised speeds. My 1980s hard disk was 20 megabytes, which rather puts things into prospective.

Otherwise servers send at 1.5MBps but we can have 8 devices on line concurrently and that's when the 152Mbps service shows its worth. The only time we saw a real slow down was in the evenings the England World Cup matches were on and even then we could watch HD TV from iPlayer.
Posted by gsituffers1 over 3 years ago
Posted by stator 3 days ago.. But for old customers like me we are now paying £27.45 for a 20mbps broadband service!!!...please call customer relations /cancellations 03454541111 m-f 8 till 8 sat 8 till 4 as per generallee94 we can’t contact you to move to a better package all we can do is force price changes and gt you to call to complain and then resolve the price and old package onto something newer and better - -a vm retentions advisor
Posted by gsituffers1 over 3 years ago
BTW we stopped selling 20mbb in 2012 as for anyone else all upgrades now are voluntary and you need to call to get BB upgraded as we now had 5 different levels of BB equipment and need to check its compatible -hope this helps a vm retentions advisor
Posted by stator over 3 years ago
I don't want a faster service or extra services. I want a simple, reliable and decent value broadband service. VM are pricing themselves out of the market
Posted by Kebabselector over 3 years ago
@stator - sadly in some markets they are the only fast supplier.
Posted by BlackAle over 3 years ago
Currently paying £41.75 for 120mbps, so I guess this will become £43.25. I'm annoyed already that VM want to charge me £10 for the SH2 so that I can get 152mbps. May call them and just switch down to 100mbps for £31.50.
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