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Coming soon to the Openreach website cabinet level information
Monday 04 August 2014 11:24:51 by Andrew Ferguson

The Openreach website which for some time has caused lots of confusion by only providing exchange level information is set to change. The site is parading a BETA flag and promising to very shortly (maybe even today) to reveal information about the cabinet or cabinets that serve a specific postcode.

Openreach has had the data to do this for some years, but one presumes a mixture of policy and old school thinking has delayed the roll-out of a system that lets the customers of broadband providers track their cabinet status agnostically. What will be interesting is to see how much cabinet information is provided for the BDUK project areas, as currently the level of information varies wildly from project to project even though Openreach and its roll-out teams are a constant.

We look forward to seeing the information, particularly for those in areas where FTTP was part of the commercial roll-out and the network was partially built but has never been commissioned.


Posted by Mitchy_mitch over 3 years ago
So mine now shows a under review (which has no time guidelines). So this sounds a bit different to the NGA email I received 6 months ago that I will be getting FTTP in about 28 months time.

Posted by Mitchy_mitch over 3 years ago
So mine now shows a under review (which has no time guidelines). So this sounds a bit different to the NGA email I received 6 months ago that I will be getting FTTP in about 18 months time.

Posted by adslmax over 3 years ago
much the same, still old nothing is addition yet. oh well, that's openreach policy to hidden again.
Posted by taras over 3 years ago
Mine is under future exchanges xls/pdf to planned area .. due be upgraded(bduk) by dec 14 ..

Posted by adslmax over 3 years ago
a post code checker is useless (not 100% accurate) why can’t it changing to enter address checker instead! Stupid Openreach for less accurate!
Posted by jamietomo over 3 years ago
Mine says Planned Area (from Future Exchange) but the Coming Soon documents say Dec '14. Digital Derbyshire's website says 2016! Don't know who to believe anymore!
Posted by Gadget over 3 years ago
Adslmax - postcode is better than exchange so more accurate than it was before. Address check is available from your ISP
Posted by jroadley over 3 years ago
I like it.
Posted by Kebabselector over 3 years ago
My Cab is under review - so a bit better than not part of the 66% then!
Posted by max360 over 3 years ago
Same here: Exchange Name: STECHFORD
Status: UR
Posted by Kebabselector over 3 years ago
Another one on the Stechford Exchange Welcome to the UR club!
Posted by tdw42 over 3 years ago
It is overly optimisitic - it shows AO for lines which are too long from the cabinet to be able to get FTTC even when the entire postcode is in this position.
Posted by fenlandbroadband over 3 years ago
Mine comes up as a questionmark and saying to ask my communications provider - are they really going to have a better idea than Openreach?! The FAQ goes on to explain that this may be because lines in that postcode are EO lines (correct, they all are) but seeing as they have just placed a PCP and have a fibre twin coming in a few weeks, and an estimated date according to the BDUK project, then why can't they explain that's the case?
Posted by Blackmamba over 3 years ago
Broadband Watchers
The most inportant information on Openreach Web/page was that total pages on exchanges open jumped from 85 to 108 in the last week. It looks like Openreach have been keeping finished work in hand.
Posted by Gadget over 3 years ago
fenland - so the EO removing FTTC cab is not yet live - hopefully your status will change when it goes live (and hopefully supplying service from your ISP).
Posted by fenlandbroadband over 3 years ago
Gadget - yes agreed once the cabinet goes live then hopefully it'll update with more info (and indeed be available) but surely the idea of a map showing rollout of a new service on the "When and Where" should be to advise when (and where) this work is being done? The map gives no suggestion now that any work is being done or even planned, yet they clearly do have some plans as work has started on it.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
Remember with bduk councils have a hand so may say no to advance info
Posted by dandodex over 3 years ago
Very interesting results... my previous home in Holborn (London) EO line 100m from exchange so 22Mbps, now shows CS (Coming Soon).

My new place Clerkenwell (London) EO line as well but 4 km of tourtuous rooute to exchange so 6Mbps, showing UR (Under Review).

I didn't think BT would be doing much for Exchange Only lines in London seeing as their 80% London rollout plus Virgin Media coverage area meant London was already above the 90% required.

I so hope the Under Review for my line comes with a positive decision as 6 MBps for central London is rather pathetic!
Posted by timmay over 3 years ago
@dandodex maybe you'll see FTTdp (FTTRn).
Posted by BREWERDAVE over 3 years ago
My exchange comes up as NC -what does that mean?
Posted by Blackmamba over 3 years ago
Broadband Watchers
In Surrey the new information on post code checker is two years to late as the area is 90% complete they had to work it out covertly and under handed don't mention BT/Commercial section.
Posted by gsmlnx over 3 years ago
My cabinet is marked "under review" but I'm on FTTP so this data is definitely incorrect.
Posted by fenlandbroadband over 3 years ago
Looks like it isn't just EO lines in my area getting the blue "?" response. All postcodes I've checked in the town are coming back the same, even if they are only served by one cabinet and if they've been live with fibre for a couple of months now. Previously it said AO but noted it may not be everywhere.
Posted by gerarda over 3 years ago
it still perpetuates the myth that cabinet enabled = ability to get the service, regardless of distance from it.
Posted by hopkapi over 3 years ago
For me it actually seems less accurate than the old one, as it now just gives me the blue ? mark over a couple of nearby enabled exchanges, while it previously identified my exchange accurately and dropped another pin on the map for my cabinet with the cabinet-level data on availability.

Am I missing something, or would letting people enter a full address/phone number on this site, like with the BTW checker, make more sense?
Posted by miketoll over 3 years ago
The list of exchanges being enabled soon say Dec 2014 for me (5 months) but the map says PA (planned exchange) within 18 months. Mmmmm which one? No cabinet information available.
Posted by randomuser over 3 years ago
@miketoll: exactly the same for mine which I have been told will be live by the end of the year
Posted by otester over 3 years ago
Claiming to be more transparent yet they attack the guy who ran the FTTC Cabinet Checker site...
Posted by fastman over 3 years ago
otester - the FTTC cab checker site was made up solely of confidental information which is only between between openreach and consuming CP's. this was being forward o the FTTC cab site web site by unauthorised source

Posted by Plankton1066 over 3 years ago
Hummmm I think this is a pre-alpha rather than Beta deployment. The Newick Exchange has gone from gone from "Future Exchange" Calendar year 2014 to PA "Planned Area", should have something within 18 months ( at 2.00 pm today) to now showing NC.
Posted by chilting over 3 years ago
Some "fine tuning" still to be done here I think. It tells me that I can get Superfast Broadband but my FTTC only gives me about 5 Mbps on a good day.
Posted by snadge over 3 years ago
mine is PLANNED (18 months) but then SamKnows says RFS is 25.12.2014 and ive seen them installing 1 cab so far and some cabling and said it shouldnt be maybe the BT website isnt as updated as it should be..although I aint holding out ANY hopes
Posted by mikejp over 3 years ago
chilting - don't forget - you ARE getting 'superfast broadband' since it appears the spin doctors now say that is >2Mbps..........

Wonderful world.
Posted by Gadget over 3 years ago
Chilting - if you don't mind me asking, - you are getting 5Mbps FTTC what were you getting before on exchange based ADSL?
Posted by BREWERDAVE over 3 years ago
Since yesterday my exchange has gone from NC to EA !!
Posted by chilting over 3 years ago
Hi Gadget - about 1.25Mbps. I am 1.8km from my cabinet. If you are any more than about 1.5km from your cabinet forget about high speed broadband and if you are more than 2km you will usually get nothing. The only time that you might get a better speed is if there is heavier copper cable used in your line.

Posted by sthen over 3 years ago
Chilting, out of interest, how do your upstream speeds look before+after? I'm interested in how these look on other long lines, as I have a customer who lost a few hundred K upstream speed when they moved to FTTC.
Posted by ukwiz over 3 years ago
Doesn't seem to show cabinet info yet
Posted by chilting over 3 years ago
Upload speeds have marginally increased from an average of about 0.45 Mbps to a more constant 0.6 Mbps
Posted by brandscill over 3 years ago
@chilting well at least there was an increase both down and up, hardly superfast like the government promised but a bump!
Posted by mrc99 over 3 years ago
Hmmmm. My exchange (Warmwell) is shown as 'PA' but the spreadsheet at the bottom of the page shows it as being ready by Dec '14 so perhaps should be shown as 'CS'.
Posted by Gadget over 3 years ago
The status comment on the Exchange reflects the information about your cabinet(if it can be determined from only the postcode), so the exchange could be coming soon, along with your cabinet being enabled, or it could be that you cabinet has planning problems or viability problems both of which would reflect in the comment found under the exchange pin.
Posted by Blackmamba over 3 years ago
Broadband Watchers
Hi Check your number on ISP AA each week or as reguired for your Cab status and availabilty.
Posted by fastman over 3 years ago
chitling so you have a choice you either wait for SEP (2nd pahse of BDUK funding) and see if you get any additional beneift or you work with your community to fund ia private solution in your locality assume there are a number of you close to where you are - see openreach FAQ's
Posted by chilting over 3 years ago
It would be a hard sell with the BDUK project still running. On the positive side we have a SCP cabinet just 500m away that would be a perfect candidate for FTTRN.
Posted by M100 over 3 years ago
So, five years down the line and despite living in one of the biggest cities in the UK a couple of route km from an exchange it's the same old story. My cabinet was not on the list of those in the recent announcement despite areas 0.5km further from the exchange having fibre for more than two years now.

Openreach says the exchange is accepting orders, but the area I and thousands more live in is not.

Rural broadband also appears to be given top priority regardless.
Posted by Sylcol over 3 years ago
My exchange still shows "Under Evaluation" but Openreach and their contractors have been dashing about all over town installing cabinets, ducting, and pulling in fibre. Power has also been connected to the new cabinets but still can't find any info about when it will be available.
Posted by newportpaul over 3 years ago
Nothing new - my exchange was enabled in Dec 2013; when I enquired I was told the cabinets in my area were being worked on (couldn't tell me which cabinet I was connected to)and should be live by end of June 2014.... still waiting.
Posted by hairybarsteward over 3 years ago
The site is utter garbage, it now claims it doesnt recognise my postcode, despite it recognising my postcode during earlier visits and the buildings being here for nearly 6 years now....
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