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Devon and Somerset launch improved map
Wednesday 30 July 2014 08:59:18 by Andrew Ferguson

If there was one area that the central BDUK operation could have standardised it is the area of mapping resources for the 44 BDUK projects. Connecting Devon and Somerset has just revamped the Where and When section of their website to improve the map used and has created one of the better County level maps.

The new map is the usual colour rich image but when you search for a specific postcode the postcode data that the project has released for some months is used to provide a look up, e.g. EX5 5JD reveals it is on the Stoke Canon exchange and cabinet 1 with a likely live date of October 2014. There is a long list of caveats as with all the data from the BDUK projects, the short summary is that plans can change so no information should be taken as written in stone.

We have not slacked on our own map system here at thinkbroadband, since we added two new speed layers to our maps earlier in the week. There is now a layer showing FTTC speed estimates for postcodes in England, Scotland and Wales and this reveals the bad news for EX5 5JD that if and when cabinet 1 gets it fibre twin this postcode is not going to get any boost in speed. The other layer is our own set of ADSL2+ speed estimates.


Posted by jchannon over 3 years ago
How can adding FTTC not increase the speed above 4mbps?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
Because VDSL2 at distances of 3 to 4km is likely to give no connection or just 0.5 Mbps.

Where as ADSL/ADSL2+ will still manage 4 Mbps and more.
Posted by Blackmamba over 3 years ago
Hi Broadband Watchers
The new map is so much better if only the post code on the (Cab GPS ) could be identified say in a different colour.
Posted by Drogon over 3 years ago
Bother of Botherations. I'm right in a tiny thin strip of an "Out of program" area bordered (as in on the other side of the sreets!) by "Under consideration" areas. BTs revenge for running a Wi-Fi community broadband system 12 years ago, no-doubt...
Posted by ahockings over 3 years ago
"Bother of Botherations"?? How very polite you are! Hahaha
Me too. Tiny little strip amongst full coverage.
We should start a club!
Posted by gah789 over 3 years ago
It might be best if you were to check the accuracy of your data before advertising your map offerings. I checked two postcodes - one in rural Scotland and the other in the City of London - for which I have detailed local information. In both cases the information mapped is close to useless because it is so inaccurate.
Posted by Gadget over 3 years ago
Does your information include all suppliers of broadband including cable and other fixed wireless operators?
Posted by gerarda over 3 years ago
I think the maps seem to overstate the reach of FTTC - in our case by the best part of a mile
Posted by jchannon over 3 years ago
2016?? FFS, the companyies in this country couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery.
Posted by ahockings over 3 years ago
The map is pretty inaccurate but then it's not exactly the easiest thing to map is it.
The Harberton area for example, Cab 21 on the Totnes exchange is showing coverage some 4km from the cab. These particular lines are very poor. They'll be lucky to get anything at all at that distance!
Posted by Blackmamba over 3 years ago
Hi Hock. I have checked a number on Cab 21 in Harberton and it does not show that FTTC is (not available yet ) so the map data is incorrect.
Posted by donnomc over 3 years ago
CDS Map must be wrong because it says TQ130DD which is in Chudleigh is served by Bovey Tracey Cab 4. Apparently this cabinet which serves mostly the Heathfield area also serves TQ137DT which is in Ashburton! Even if this is right they certainly wouldn't be getting very good speeds that distance from the Cab! This means that the grand announcement last month that that Chudleigh was one of 25 communities live for fibre is misleading as none of the Cabinets that serve the town are earmarked to go live until Oct. CDS a bit desperate for good news.
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