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Boost to 50 Mbps for Family+ users over at Wessex Internet
Wednesday 23 July 2014 17:02:18 by Andrew Ferguson

It is not often a provider increases speeds and reduces pricing, but Wessex Internet are doing that as of 1st August. Their Family+ wireless service is set to see the maximum speed increase from 30 Mbps to 50 Mbps and the package will reduce from £57/month to £49 month (6 month contract, 10 Mbps upload and 200GB usage allowance).

Wessex Internet has over packages available starting at £25/month for a 20GB allowance. Installation is higher than lots of people are used to at £199, but reduces to £99 if you add a vonage based VoIP service for £5 per month.

Wessex Internet covers parts of rural Dorset and Wiltshire including Cranbourne West towards Melbury Bubb and from Fonthill Bishop in the North to Melcombe Bingham in the South. They also have a smaller footprint of FTTP availability where £50/month gets you 100 Mbps download, 50 Mbps upload with 100GB allowance.


Posted by Apilar over 3 years ago
Tight usage allowances.
Posted by otester over 3 years ago

250GB + unlimited off-peak is tight?

Posted by cyberdoyle over 3 years ago
That completely knocks infinity into touch, far superior service compared to those stuck on long copper lines.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
Actually 200GB can be tight for a family that is embracing digital media, i.e. youtube on tablet, while also streaming Netflix in another room every night.

So yes a good option, but with no unlimited option it could prove costly to enjoy the speed.
Posted by otester over 3 years ago

Technically they do packages up to 350GB via business plans, I'm not sure how much is required to be considered 'loose' though, if not...

It appears the areas they cover do have 3G coverage from Three, so they could get a phone on an 'The One Plan' contract and put it in hotspot mode etc.
Posted by gerarda over 3 years ago
@andrew You need the speed to be able to download 200GB in a month. On my connection I could download all day every day and not get anywhere near that
Posted by fabrettitd over 3 years ago
@otester only if you look at the 3 website now you will see there is no unlimited any more the max you can tether is 4GB and have unlimited handset data.

3 have finally stopped it after they caught 2 people doing 2TB a month each on 4G
Posted by fabrettitd over 3 years ago
even the one which was the one plan (which no longer exists) that gives unlimited everything still states

Use up to 4GB of your data allowance as a personal hotspot."
Posted by otester over 3 years ago

Posted by fabrettitd over 3 years ago
Yup.. Sad day when 3 throw the towel in on something you know it's a last resort.
Posted by otester over 3 years ago

I suppose it was inevitable since T-Mobile got gobbled up.

Three has joined the cartel...
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