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New ISDN to ADSL process on the way
Friday 07 June 2002 17:10:00 by Andrew Ferguson

It appears the BT Wholesale is preparing to answer the problems of users who want an ISDN/HH to ADSL conversion. As we know there is a process in place at present, but this requires you to use the expensive engineer assisted installs at ~£250 plus £100 to BT for the ISDN part.

From 17th June 2002 it's understood that a similar process will exist for users who want an IPStream Home or Office (i.e. wires-only) activation. The exact workings of the process arent clear but it should allow for the HH/ISDN to be reactivated if the ADSL activation fails without starting a new HH/ISDN contract.

The cost of this conversion will be the normal ADSL activation charge ~£50 plus a one off charge on your phone bill for the management of this process around £100 we believe.

Further details are expected in 2-3 weeks but this will hopefully please some ISDN/HH users who are looking at very expensive conversions at present.


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