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Extra £2.5 million for rural communities in Scotland
Tuesday 15 July 2014 17:19:10 by Andrew Ferguson

Community Broadband Scotland who via start up funding are trying to boost the coverage of decent broadband in the more remote communities across Scotland are to see a 50% boost in their funding levels, to give the body some £7.5 million to spend on broadband.

The fund provides help in various ways to some 75 organisations from seed funding, planning grants or capital assistance. The Scottish project needs a good many more projects to ensure it does not fall behind the rest of the UK, since its main superfast broadband project has a target of just 85% with access to fibre based broadband, no declared target has been given for the percentage getting super fast speeds. We did look at what might be possible a few months ago which suggests even with just FTTC and the existing cable coverage 83% with superfast speeds may be possible.


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